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Hey everyone, I’m new to the forums, and we’ll to be honest new to discussing sex entirely. My wife and I have been married for 8 years and while we do have a good sex life it can be pretty repetitive. We were both practically virgins when we started dating and she came from a quite prudish upbringing so she didn’t really even know much about sex. I on the other hand was in the beginnings of a porn addiction that I’m still fighting with now and had seen many many acts done.
Fast forward to now, like said we do have a good sex life but I still feel very awkward brining up any new ideas with her, especially things that are more out there. For example I’ve been thinking a lot lately about anal play and prostate stimulation. I have no idea how to even bring that up to her or how she would even feel about it. I have been fantasizing about working up to her pegging me but I just don’t know how to bring it up. Sorry for the long rant, just something that’s been on my brain and maybe other people are struggling with similar things.


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you’ll read this a lot on here but open and direct communication is critical. talk and express your desires, perhaps your wife has a few in her mind that she’s unsure of how to bring it up with you? you won’t know until you talk it out.

best of luck

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No reason at all for you not to explore anal play, you have a prostate, I’m sure it would enjoy a massage exactly the same as a clit or a G-spot enjoy stimulation. It’s no different. Hopefully, if you explain this to your wife she will be perfectly happy for you to start exploring the sensation.

Pegging is obviously a bit different as it would require her active participation and it will be up to her whether or not she is happy with this. I suggest having a read through, The Lovehoney Forum’s Guide to Pegging! (Wiki), lots of forum members have contributed both in the wiki and with their own personal experiences in comments below and there’s advice on how to talk about it with a partner.

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Welcome to the LH Forum!

This is a very safe space in which to discuss and ask for advice on all things sexual … and more.

You’ll discover that there are certain protocols governing members’ behaviour etc, so you’ll be very safe when discussing anything of an intimate nature.

There are wonderful members here with an absolute wealth of experience and sage advice that they freely share.

How great is that to be able to raise topics such as your thoughts about anal play (by the way, you’ll find many discussions and advice in the Forum on this topic).

Enjoy … and good luck with your sexual adventures.

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Hi @Foosa :wave: Welcome to the forum!

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Hellooooo, it’s all about communication and let her know some of your fantasises

Hi and welcome to this great forum.

Welcome to the forum dude! Maybe start off with doing some finger play and try stimulating your prostate that way then build up to it

welcome !!! I am new here also.

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Welcome and I feel your anguish, but until you ask you will never know

Welcome to the forum :hugs::wave:

Welcome to the club and I understand your predicament as sex can become mundane after time but from this forum you will finds there is so much more to learn

Gday, Its amazing how so many of us are still hung up about talking sexual things to our partners. The human mind is both amazing and confusing at the same time. Some of use like to keep our fanatsies seperate from the real world, but those that do manage to merge them both do through open communication often outside of the bedroom.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: you’ll find lots of tips and advice here, but it should always come second to sound communication with your partner.

That said, if she’s really “vanilla” so to speak, is there anything you could do to gently direct you both towards more “out there” things/what you would like to explore? Have you guys dabbled with anything else yet?

All the best on your journey! I hope it’s an exciting and fulfilling one for the bath of you.