I need some advice from Miss Kitty are you here? vibraexciter question?


I didn't know how to contact you so i hope its allright to ask here

I got my vibraexciter yesterday male version,it fits and feels so nice,when my cock is just a bit hard there is no slippage,stays at the start of the penis head.

But im having problems with it slipping off when my penis is limp,in your review you say it fits with no slippage but what happens when he goes soft? does it still stay on? im a wearing it right?

So ive got the stretchy bit at the bottom and the bit that doesn't strecth at the top,ive got it sitting so the brushes are sitting just behind the ridge of the head,so the brushes are facing forwards,but when it goes limp the forskin gently returns to the normal position,which gently pushes the vibraexciter forwards and of the head.

I see in your review your man was wearing tight jeans

I wear boxershorts but not jeans,sport trousers

I dont want to write a review yet untill im sure its not me doing it wrong

Its a fun toy it doesn't take long for my penis to get a bit hard,but its a let down if it slips off because ive not had a phone call for a bit,so my penis would be soft limp

Hi jezzer :)

I think there is one fundamental difference - you wear boxers and he wears fitted briefs. He has had the occasional bollock accident and now wears those ones that don't allow the little buggers to roam off down your leg.

The ring also fits OK on him as it is - he's not 'huge' but is a chunky lil' fella, it's not tight on but there is no gap either. But really I think it's down to the pants as there is limited movement.

Also he wears it with his foreskin still over his bell-end, not rolled back... does any of this help? :-)

Good you are here thanks..

Yes i was thinking that boxershorts is not helping,because then it dangles anyway it wants,so before i buy some tighter underwear ill try my g/f's thong as that is the only thing thats going to be tighter at the moment

When it comes to size im not small nor big its more longer than big,i did quickly try it on my 4skin yesterday and it did hold it there better, but i didn't have it on there for long because having it on the forsking took away the best sensations,but ill have ago again

If he hasn't tried it without it on the forskin get him to its Mmmmm WoW Mmmmmm etc.. lol

Im not to sure why its stretchy at one end and the other its not,i thought it might not be stretchy so it holds on better

Which way does he have the brushes facing??

Thank You Honey

O if your man doesn't mind doing this when he wears it next could you ask while he doesn't have it in his underwear: could he wiggle his penis gently like he is shaking the drops off after he has had a pee

And see if it gentlys falls to the end or stays in the same place

brushes facing towards tip, as per instruction. It is stretch at one side of the ring and not the other because the wire to the second bullet goes through one side of the ring. And the gf's thong thing made me smile :-D

We have tried it in bed sans undies and it didn't fall off then either (lying down) but maybe it's just his shape? I don't know how you campare and no that isn't a request lol! just everyone is different ;-)

Morning Miss Kitty

Im glad i put a smile on your face (G/f thong Part) Are you sure you dont want to compare LoL only joking,but maybe its mine,maybe the head part is a bit thinner,of course as soon as i get turned on the head begings to get a bit bigger thats why i have no slippage problem when im hard

Really its a let down they should of though about it,i had the octopus it was not good at all you couldn't feel the vibrations that much,but they had made the ring a bit thicker so there was no splipage

Ive been wearing my g/f read satan thong and it does hold it alot better,i shall see how the day goes

Ive read reviews from the female one: that it was hard to keep a conversation on the phone because of the vibraexciter,so where do they have theres because everywhere ive tried to clip it on its just out of range

So what ive been doing is: having my phone in my pocket so it triggers the vibraexciter off and when i answer the phone i put the vibraexciter on manual untill ive finshed the call

I just cant see how people get it working with a phone call when its clipped on their trousers

My mobile is charged and i have good strong batteries in the vibraexciter

I don't know why yours isn't picking up properly! My husbands has about a 2 metre range on it, if anything it's a bit much! It sounds like you may have one that's a little faulty? The instructions say it has a 1m range and ours is more than that so if yours can't recieve more than a few inches away I think you'll need it replacing - send them a message and if it's faulty they'll replace it for you really quickly

I can now say it does have a good range,i tested by putting it on my bed and standing away from it and then using my mobile,but the range is not to good at all when its clipped on the side of my trousers,its like my body is blocking the signal.

That's really odd. I have no idea what to suggest as we don't have te problem with ours :-/

Maybe ill try some other batteries

Next thing is how long does the batteries last in the vibraexciter if it was being set off alot? for the day.

Hey for anyone who has been reading this thread,if you have the Range problem,i suggest you go out and buy some other kind of batteries,ive gone through 3brands,the 3rd brand works the distance is great

So Batteries do make a difference

Still have the problem of the ring falling off when limp. i had sent the company a email they said they had tested it,and the could of made the ring a bit smaller,putting it over the forskin is ok but for me its not that much of a pleasure. i have sent them a email to ask them what mods could i do to keep it there. but i doubt i will hear from them.

Someone suggested

If i could put straps on it and where it like a lady would wear a strap on.

Tie string to each side of the ring and then like make a belt out of the string so it would hold it on while your cock is limp

This could be a way but im not sure if it would work