I need to make a lot of penis' cheaply! Advice?

Not sure this is the right place, so sorry if it isn't lol.

Because drama students are weird, a task I have set up for a project is going to require me to make a large number (20 to 50) of penis' (peni? whats the accepted term for multiple of penis?). The basic idea is a room of the bits cut from castrated criminals.

Anyway- does anyone have any ideas as to how I could make them cheaply and quickly? I'm thinking stuffed condoms, or sponge.

(If Lovehoney wanna sponsor me with 50 free condoms I'll put your details in the programme! lol).

Go on the NUS website. there is a link on there for a condom website which sells 50 for under a tenner

Buy 50 cheap sausages from a supermarket.

Think the frozen cheap variety.
Get busy with a craft knife to give them a "head", and maybe add some paint.

Cheap as chips. And possibly an interval snack.

How about salt dough, http://www.multihobbies.com/saltdough/ it is just flour salt and water, the salt preserves it and makes it hard when it is baked. You and you friends could have fun making the willies from the dough. You can add food colouring to make them life like. Then bake them in the oven.

Ooh salt dough is a great idea. Thanks!

Love the sausage idea too, but they'd have to last a while, cos I imagine it'd take time to wittle 50 penis' a night lol

You could set up a little production line with your friends, a shaft girl, a knob girl and a balls girl. Then stick the parts together. Sounds like a fun days baking. I wonder if it works if you substitute the salt with sugar, then you could eat them afterwards or sell them to help pay for the project.

Lol we could make cake penis'...

Hey Crayola, how has the penis manufacture gone? have you made any yet?

I have actually. Made three prototype penis' because we have to do an official pitch on wednesday for the project, so had myself a play. Went for the salt dough approach (which was so funny- ended up with a sticky note on my oven for two hours which read 'Don't turn this off- I'm baking penis'!' just to amuse my flatmates!).

They look rather good actually. Will post pictures when my camera has batteries :)

And did they know what your plan was or were they worried you would serve it up as a roast dinner :)