I play with my rabbit after my shower

there are not enough words to describe all the pleasures i had playing with my toy...little rabbit was just what i needed to make my sex life more intersting and exciting..each time it is a pure pleasure
After taking a shower, i cover my smooth body with banana flavoured oil..lay down on a bed and, relaxed, take a little pinky rabbit and turn it on ( to turn myself on :).. ). i like it because it's made out of very smooth material so when i begin to play with myself everything is so slippery and wet.. first i turn on a little rabbit head and let the vibrating ears tickle my clit.then slowly i turn it on a bit faster and faster as get frisky moving it up and down my pussy. i would change only two things on my bunny vibrator - the speed remote control - it should definitly be wireless :) because i hate when i get so excited and then i have to manage with the wires when i want to change the speed and position of my vibrator at the same time. it's just not allowing me not to think about the toy but just enjoy the pleasure i'm getting..and maybe it would be good to sell it in more sizes cause sometimes i feel the pleasure would be greater if the vibrator would be just a bit smaller (we are all different sized ) so my little pussy can totaly enjoy without being uncomfortable...back to the pleasure..
after a forplay with bunny head,made just to endoulge
my clit i start playing with the rest of the toy. it's so amazing people gave us oportunity to enjoy to the maximum by teasing a clit and having a hard vibrating cock look alike thing inside...mmmmmm... i love it when i'm home alone and i love it even more when i have a man or a girl by my side playing together, enjoying our toys to the max.. well i will not reveal all my pleasures and details to you in this short review..
Best regards and many good orgasms wishes you, from Zagreb, Croatia.