I swear my O’s have taken a holiday…

Mmmm I think my O’s have taken a holiday that’s twice now, get a big build up then wham it vanishes… yes it’s happened twice today I’ve given up, even tried it with the OH giving me amazing oral with my butt plug but nada, zilch sweet F A… except worn out :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

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I think I saw it getting onto a Majorca flight this morning. Sorry my sense of humour @HornyHousewife69

Can’t say I blame it with the weather turning :rofl::rofl:

Oh dear. Your home y ways have got the better of you. Have a bath and relax x

I’m gonna chill out in bed and read my book before I go to sleep :sleeping:

Great idea. Wake up refreshed and try again. I feel the rabbit is needed though. Mentioned a particular position in my other post that think you will enjoy x

I can’t remember what that position was.

Warm up with your wand. Then on your knees bending back. One hand to keep you up as the other uses the rabbit

Ahh that’s it, thankyou

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Hope it helps x

Have you got a wand mine never fails to.make me o

Yeah I have the LH micro wand but gonna try my LH rabbit again later as no success with that so far

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Try to not put pressure on yourself @HornyHousewife69. It will only make things worse. (I know it did for me many years back)

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I think that’s half my issue, probably need a break from it

Probably do.

Maybe you need some down time from it so can recharge a little and then try again a few days later?

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Give yourself a little rest @HornyHousewife69 you seem to have been giving your body a thorough workout recently in the O department :blush: I’m sure those little O’s and big O’s will come flooding back​:wink:!