I wanna be bare down there!

I currently use an electric shaver, but I find its not quite smooth enough.

I've tried shaving (which gives me a rash and is prickly when it grows out), waxing (which means I can't walk, let alone have sex, for two weeks, with redness, spots, skin peeling off etc so I'm NEVER going that route again) and hair removal creams (which gave me a mild chemical burn and are not that smooth anyway).

I always make sure that the area is sparkling clean and use new blades etc.

Has anyone had a similar experience and managed to find the perfect hair removal method?

Am I being over ambitious wanting a perfectly smooth pussy?

Any advice much appreciated!

Razors just don't work, of any type, because the re-growth is too fast.

Hair removal cream actually makes my inner labia bleed, which isn't much fun.

I think you must have been unlucky with the waxing and it could be worth trying again with a different person carrying out the torture, sorry, the treatment. Some people are definitely better at it than others!

I now use a combination - I pluck the hair on my mons with tweezers right down to level with my clitoris and then have the rest waxed. Tweezing yourself is definitely less painful, if boring and timing consuming, but once you've started it, it quickly becomes less of a chore. If you keep up the tweezing, you'll soon find you're only having to remove a few hairs at a time, because it all grows at a different rate.

And because you're taking it out by the root, the hair certainly regrows more slowly and more finely, or even gives up altogether if you use a hair regrowth retardant cream on the plucked area.

This applies to the waxed area as well - I've been doing this for a long time now and my waxing girl only charges me half price because there's so little left to rip out!

I also have problems with this and gave up to just trimming the damn thing in the end. Shaving made such a rash and the prickly regrowth was so bad my partner wouldn't touch it. Cream isn't bad on my but not great and never cleanly smooth so I have to shave it anyway on top! I got waxed once but not bare, it was done at a salon and was the best but the cost is a bit much every few weeks and also I don't like getting my minky out for anyone other than my partner - yes I'm a bit shy like that!

There are other hair treatments including laser - this can burn but once the course is complete it is permanent. Electrolisis is expensive but again is meant to be permanent.

To be honest you should go to a good beautician and get some advice and options :) They are the experts and will know a lot better than me. Good luck!

I also have the same problems, but purchased an epilator. A bit painful to start with but as like the tweezers isn't too bad once you get going. Have a glass or three of wine before hand and the pain is bearable.

I do this down to my clit and have the rest waxed or if time is an issue just razor for quickness. (although razoring isn't a favourite of mine as regrowth is too quick and unpleasant if a hand gets thrown over in the morning after it's been shaved the night before!)

My only advice is wax and then slap plenty of unperfumed cream on it to cool it down quick without too many side effects!!!


Use a good razor (Gillette Mach 3 turbo has a little motor in it and is the best razor in the world) a NEW blade, and a good gel (King of Shaves original)

Works on women's bits too!!

More shaving tips:

Take your time. Long slow strokes are best !!
Let the razor do the work.
Shave often. You get used to the technique, your skin gets used to the razor. I reckon about every 5 - 6 days is about right for pubic shaving.
Use body lotion - every day.
Wear silk. Men wear silk boxers, ladies wear silk French knickers.

I now feel I would be insulting my lady if I offered a mouthful of hair to suck (which she does often, as she loves it) and the feeling is reciprocated by her to me.

Best of luck and happy 69

I recently bought the Smoothshave and it's ace. It took quite a while the first time as you have to trim the hair before you shave it - but after the first time as long as you shave each day (1-2 mins) it keeps it smooth all the time. You can also use the smoothshave dry - so there is no need for shaving lotion - however i have found by using a body lotion after it keeps the skin softer.

One of the best things about it is that it's painless!

The "Personal Shaver" (http://www.personalshavers-affiliates.com/t.asp?id=1489) is the answer to your prayers! ;) I was on the same hunt for a porn-style perfectly smooth shave, low maintenance, no quick regrowth, no pain, no bumps, no redness, etc. I tried razors, waxing, and all that other stuff and finally bot an intimate shaver I found on the web. All I have to say is it is everything you want with NO disadvantages. I recommend it to all my friends and fellow women and men who ask what I use to be completely bare down there.

I know I sound like an advertisement, but it really is the perfect tool for the affect you want and I've replaced mine time and again when I've lost it during international travel, a lover's taken it with them, etc. I'll never go without it. Just remember to trim the hairs short first with scissors, a regular beard trimmer on a low setting, or something else you prefer. Even with my fast rate of growth, I only shave down there every two or three days to stay perfectly smooth. The shaver has an excellent guard on it so it's impossible to hurt yourself and you don't even need to see everything you're doing down there. :) You'll love it!

I'm having Laser treatment to remove mine permanently. It's expensive, but worth every single penny. I hate shaving and the regrowth problems!

I've been using a Philips Bodyshave for a while now and it's pretty good. Hair removal creams were nothing short of disatrous (and painful too... *ow!*). Like Willie being unshaven is a non-starter for me.

Hi Tara

I like the sound of the 'Personal Shaver' and looked at the website. It's American - are you in the US or so did you have to buy a power converter of some sort to use it in the UK?

I tweeze as well - my friends (and boyfriend) think I'm a lunatic for doing it but it's actually not painful, although it is time consuming. I've been using tweezers for several years now but I wouldn't say the regrowth has been that much sparser. I've not heard of hair retardant creams before, what're they like and where can you get them from?

The best hair regrowth retardant cream I've come across is an 'own label' by Superdrug - it's the cheapest too! You'll find it on the same shelf as the depilatory creams. It's worked for me.

There's another gel available by mail order from various toy companies, called 'Hair No More', but it's very expensive and had no discernable effect, other than soothing.

I think mayb lazer hair-removal methods...U need to consult a cosmetik center.Bit expensive though...But also Braun-epilator works goodie-goodie.

I think the shaving method needs perseverance, and some time and patience...
I only ever shave my pussy, and its soft, hairless and smooth all the time.
I just run a clean new razor over it every other day.

Good luck in finding what works for you...xx

Anyone tried the new at-home laser hair removal machines?

I get waxed but it really does utterly depend on the skills and attitude of the waxer. You shouldn't get bumps etc with a good waxer. You should be ready to go 24 hours after the wax. The place I go is just an individual doing it from her home and she charges £25 to get everything off. I'm a complete convert now, although my hair does grow back incredibly quickly, bareness only lasts a week for me :( I couldn't shave there, I just don't trust myself with a razor there!!

"Anyone tried the new at-home laser hair removal machines?"

I've been tempted, but I do wonder how well they work, and how easy it would be to go wrong.

I think I'm going to get one anyway and will report back on how it works. Won't go into where I have hair that I'm desperate to get rid of. Funny that - I'm more than happy to talk about shaving, waxing or lasering my snatch but I get all shy about admiting to hair elsewhere.

It's the hair around my bum cheeks that I get most embarassed by- you think women shouldn't have hair there, but luckily my waxer assures me I'm normal! Let us know how the machine works- I think all women are looking for an easy solution to the hair thang.