I want to t

I want some naughty lingerie help me out please

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Naughty or sexy… There’s loads…

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Give me some ideas

Lingerie designed for men or women? For you or someone else? What size and shape are you/they? What styles do you like? Without a little more information it’s very difficult to suggest things as we all have such different styles and tastes and what looks great on one person might not work at all for a different body shape.

There are so many different styles from babydolls and classic bra sets to bodies and the fierce range, a little more guidance on what you want is needed.

I would suggest having a look through the shopping site and anything that catches your eye but doesn’t have the information in the reviews you need, ask about or for similar suggestions.


You’re on Lovehoney! :man_shrugging::joy:


This is like going into a patisserie and saying i want some cake!


Welcome to the forum!! Your best bests are to just have a browse on the Lovehoney site as they’ve got many great choices to pick from and if there’s anything your unsure about then ask away on here and post a link to the item(s) your looking at :smiley:

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