iBuzz Two – the sex toy your man won't be threatened by

I've just posted a review of the new iBuzz Two. Anyone else tried it yet? If you want to incorporate a sex toy into your bedroom regime but your man is a bit reluctant (hey, those Double Jelly Dongs do have a habit of making a penis look tiny), the iBuzz Two is the perfect way to get started.

You can both use it at the same time; listen to your favourite sex song while you're getting vibbed and your man can even wear the outer ring of the vibrating cock ring when you have sex.

It's a done deal!
BK x x x

Ok, I am SO dying to get the iBuzz Two! The main thing for me though at this point is that I need to know how LOUD it is. Unfortunately, I live in a studio apartment with paper thin walls and I want to be able to use the ibuzz whenever I want, no just in the middle of the night! I don't really want my neighbours hearing my vibrator buzzing. LOL! My bed and couch are only about 15 feet from my apartment door.

Can anyone give me an idea of how loud the ibuzz is? Thanks so much! ;)

It's quiet. Not silent, but the bullets generate a very low buzz that's difficult to hear from one side of the room to another, so I think you should be fine!
It's a fun toy too.

Thanks Scrumptious. I think I'm going to order it online for myself tonight. :)

after this i think im going to order myself one lol