ID Lube is the greatest!

I swear by my ID Lube for every occasion. It's smooth, long lasting, and works with condoms. It's thick enough for anal play and it comes in a great party pump that makes it easy to use with just one hand. My boyfriend loves it too!

Yes ID lube is the greatest. The standard one comes in a massive 2L tub. As a Guy I prefer ID Pleasure, the one with the zing, because the sensation it creates is pure ecstasy. Has anyone tried the Millennium one? I hear it's different somehow and isn't sticky.

No I don't have the massive one, just the 240ml ID Pleasure lube. I'll have to check out if the Millennium lube will ruin my Fleshlight being silicone based. I'll buy a small 28ml bottle and try it out. It'll be hard to conceal a giant tub of lube anyway, away from prying eyes. Talking of samples, have you tried Stroke 29 from Lovehoney? You can get a sachet there for 99p or free if they are still running the Stroke 29 survey.

ID Millennium is silicone-based, and doesn't soak into the skin, so it lasts until you actually wash it off (so, basically, it can last easily for an entire day of sex, if you so choose!). It also stays slippery underwater.

The downside is that isn't compatible with silicone, jelly, or Cyberskin toys.

I had a sample of ID delivered a few weeks ago and it was brilliant, went on really well and stayed nice and moist. Once we ran out of that we tried the durex lubes and they dont even begin to compair with how good we thought ID was

How long does it take you to get through 2 litres of lube? Do you use it by the fistful!?!

I like ID lubes (although they do contain the 'parabens' other threads have complained about.)

At the 'Adult Show'in Birmingham the ID Lube stand had a barrel of lube you could buy - probably the 2L container mentioned before although it looked much bigger than the 2L of milk containers.

Whats a Paraben?

Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives, and really not something you want in your body.

ive just got an email saying ive been sent some ID lube to review.. i doubt its the 2 litre one :S but after the comments on here im looking forward to it :D

its arrived at my house apparently but im not there, im at uni..i really should get around to changing the ad to send things to! i'll be going home in about a week or so, so i'll let you know then :D

haven,t got round to using it,just finished my other tub of lube ,giving my pussy a good time rubbing it on my clit as my fanny juices are wet enough,should post back soon on the ID G & S,WHEN I GET ROUND TO USING HALF OF BOTTLE OF G AND SMALL AMOUNT OF S TO C HOW THAT FEELS AND IF IT DOES GOOD,I MIGHT EVEN USE THE WHOLE BOTTLE...I THINK I,M GOING TO RIDE MY PARTNER BOAT OR GO HORSE RIDING!! WHERE,S MY WHIP >>>>>><<<<<<< FOUND IT /// SEE YOU LATERRRR.OH YEAH I,M IN THE MOOD.

someone's hiiiiiiiiiiiigh :D

someone's pissed ....

an all round good purchase then eh? :)