Idea's needed please!

its mine and my hubbys anniversary soon and i'm looking for a sexy outfit a little dress or babydoll sytle. i'm a size 16 and on quite a tight budget it will need to be under £20. Any idea's will be greatly appricated.

thanks fizzy

Hi Fizzy , Happy Anniversary there is some really sexy stuff on LH & some of it is in the sale too so bonus and within your budget here is some ideas

Have fun x

Hi Fizzy,

It's always a lovely idea to dress up in a sexy way for a special occasion like that! I had a look for you, and these are some babydolls in your size and budget..

These are 'on size fits all'. You might want to have a look at the customer reviews, to see what the experiences are of any other women with your size.

Hope that helps, and have a lovely anniversary!

Thanks for the idea's guys i will let you know what i get.

I don't know if you've already chosen what you want :P but I bought this a little while back It's a One-size 8-16, but as you say you're trying to look for something below £20, this is just slightly over ar £22.99. It is a set though :) Babydoll and a thong/g-string.