ideas needed

for a cross dressing guy, need some new underwear and overwear, ideas greatly recieved on things that would look good on a man

Deep briefs and a padded, underwired bustier - this will help close up the gap between your boobs and bum, which is usually longer on a man than a woman.

Padded and wired because it's easier to fill it up with a chicken fillet and get what boob you have already to cover it up ...

Or possibly an outfit with a deep suspender belt if you can wear one without it sliding down over your hips.

Men tend to like basques, but I've only had one or two that haven't been much too short in about 40 years of buying them.

Outerwear, it depends whether you're looking ast what women would wear in the day or for evening wear/bedroom fun wear.

If you're not fat, a clingy dress is fun, even if you might not want to wear it for shopping ...

At my age, I go for separate tops and skirts or jeans, as like most men I need a lrage size top than bottoms.

And get some good heels. Most of my outfits I spend about 30-40% each on underwear and shoes, not much on the rest. Proabably excessive, but I wouldn't skimp on footwear - done that and got the corns to prove it!

aanda wrote:

for a cross dressing guy, need some new underwear and overwear, ideas greatly recieved on things that would look good on a man

It's a shame we can't contact others directly but here's my thoughts.

If your a secret dresser mainly order online & if you google crossdresser clothing plenty of sites come up.

I go shopping in the high street to get most of my clothes & I'm lucky as my Mrs will pick up a skirt or top for me whilst out shopping if she thinks I'd look good in it.

Im a size 7 male shoe but find wide fitting 6 or 6 half women's shoes or boots fit me fine.

I wear women's underwear & rarely have drop out issues as I also wear a cock ring.

As for make up I usually find the ladies in Boots are best to ask as they don't mind a male asking about foundations etc & one lady even put some lippy on for me to try.

They got a sale from me & I now use lip stain & balm & love it  

Ideas & suggestions for you are unlimited.

I know the look I like & how I like to look, just get your ideal look & go for it.

Good luck in finding your clothes.

Depends entirely on where you're going/what you're doing for outer wear. As obviously, for example, wearing a little dress out and about while the women around you are bundled up in jeans and jumpers is not the good way to stand out! :p

You should google fashion tips for a female 'athletic" or 'boyish' body type. Even if that isn't your body type (since often it's a polite way of saying very skinny girl), there are loads of tips on what looks good on/how to disguise 'problem areas' like lack of boobs and hips, and how to dress feminine without just donning a low cut top or mini skirt. I've found there are good tips that apply for crossdressers in there since they have many of the same problems finding clothes as what boyish women would. Combine with some tips for tall women (which addresses longer legs and torsos) and you can start to see outfits coming together that you may like :)

It's also worth noting most online fashion shops now have great free returns, if you are shy about going into a shop to try things on. Since womens clothes revolve entirely around the annoying fact that you can't just buy something in your size and have it fit, so trying on is literally the only way to see if it even fits you let alone flatters lol