Ideas on what to do next......

We have a good adventurous sex life and have tried most things. I am looking for new ideas to try we have done

Large collection of toys
Magic wand
Used most household objects
Role play
Nights away

Things we have discussed and are a no

Involving others

I do not think we want to get more extreme what other things are there?

Chastity, edging, ruined orgasms, outdoor sex, being watched - any of these appeal?


golden showers

I've found fetlife is a wonderful place for inspiration, just have a look through their fetish list!

ruined orgasms ??????????

How can you ruin an orgasm ?

This might help with a few ideas.

kitty x

Thanks will have a look at some of those. We do actually just have a cuddle and normal sex quite often and then have a few nights a month doing the above.

Sensory deprivation

snapper wrote:

ruined orgasms ??????????

How can you ruin an orgasm ?

In many ways! :D

1) (Both sexes) Stopping all touching justttt as the person tips over the point of no return

2) (Both Sexes) Slapping the penis/clitoris as the orgasm is happening

3) (Men only) Squeezing their penis tightly as they orgasm (Not pleasant)

etc etc.

Why would you ruin one? Sounds counter-intuative doesn't it hehe. Well, ruined orgasms are often used in tease and denial/chastity/power dynamics type play. They are either used as punishment, given to a male to "milk" him without giving pleasure (So his urges drop but he got no pleasure in it), they can happen accidentally to someone edging w/o permission to cum, others being denied for a long time may consider them a rewardt and for some they are actually more enjoyable than full orgasms (its a psychological thing....the thrill of being denied, of someone taking control of your pleasure etc)

They are definitely an aquired taste though. :D

Oh and some recommendations for the OP:

Sensory play with: Candle wax, ice cubes, feather ticklers, wartenburg wheel, hoods (for sensory deprivation etc), flavoured lube, tingling/warming lubes, a flogger, blindfold, hair pulling, scratching, biting, dirty talk, sensual massages, cock rings...basically anything that heightens or changes the sensations felt, or adding new sensations.

Double penetration: either a bum toy while you penetrate her vagina (or a vaginal toy while you penetrate her bum), a double ended dildo that you can share or a couples toy, like the we-vibe 4.

I also recommend tease and denial, but then I would because I am a huge fan of it.

snapper wrote:

ruined orgasms ??????????

How can you ruin an orgasm ?

A ruined orgasm occurs when all stimulation stops just before the first burst of ejeculation. If done properly the cock will twitch and fluid/ ejeculate will run out but it won't 'blast' out as in a normal orgasm.

This leaves the man even more fustrated and horney than when you started even though he does ejeculate.