If you had £Million

If you had £1M to pay to see someone naked, who would it be? Can be anyone you like but not someone you have already seen naked. If they aren't a celeb don't name names.


Can I pick my crush and save several hundred thousand pounds?

Oh this is a hard one.
Wentworth Miller or channing tatum.. Can they just have half each 😍

I genuinely cannot think of any celebrity I would pay to see naked. Even the hot ones!

Technically my eyesight has been bad for such a long time that I cannot see myself without my glasses. Which, if I am naked, I am not wearing. So, can I pay myself?

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I would not hesitate to part with a million to see Shemar Moore naked!

He's such a beautiful man.

Scarlett Johansson

Anyone want to see someone the know who isnt a celebrity naked? Maybe a work colleague or neighbour? Please don't name them

For me it would be Raquel Welch.

My old hub is for sale for £million for just 1 night. Any taker?

Copy cat from the show called Indecent Proposal. Lol...

I'd spend it on a nip tip lift and suck so I could like what I see when I'm naked. Does that count?

jade thirwall From little Mix, she’s pretty damn gorgeous or Emily Browning.

Atsushi Sakurai. At any age (above legal, obviously). Just looking at his FACE gives me goosebumps...

I'd quite like to see what the world's tallest man looks like naked, though, or maybe conjoined twins (I mean this out of pure curiosity, NOT fetisizing any individuals body types/issues !).