I'm back, missed you!!!


I'm back! Yesssss

I moved house last week and have been without Internet and been busy unpacking and working so haven't been able to get on here. What's been going on, I don't know where to start? I feel like I've missed a lot!

I've got three days off so between a bit more unpacking I'm going to catch up with some reviews and see what I've missed.

Missed you. :)

Welcome back, nice you're here again

It's good to see you back! Hope the move went okay :)

You didn't miss much at all, the forums have been so quiet lately xx

Hope it all went smooth enough.

Welcome back x

Thanks guys, the move went very smoothly (thankfully) only downside was I had packed the sun cream so got a little bit of sunburn!

Welcome back ;) Have fun!

Hi. Glad everything went well :) x

Hello , welcome back :)

Hi and welcome back :)

Hey welcome back! Glad your move went well, don't forget to put some aftersun on your burn. No news from the forums, though there are lots and lots of special offers on atm :)

Oh tell a lie! Cazz is poorly, there is a thread somewhere about it... I hope she gets better soon!

Oh don't you worry, after sun was the first thing I unpacked! Along with my pyjamas! It was tiring work.

So many good offers on at the moment. I got emailed a load too as I think Lovehoney were worried they had lost me but I didn't get to use them as they had expired by the time I got internet back. A little disappointed but my bank balance is probably thanking me now.

Oh no, poor cazz. Hope she is okay and better soon x