im sorry but ...

i think that people who post on peoples threads saying use the search engine on here before you post is just rude becasue it seems to me that you cant post anything new as the forums go so far back that they will have everything posted on it.


i saw somthing about penis names from a womans point of veiw and a person commented on it sayin use the search engine before your post. then quite right the woman said there from mens point of view its differnt

just seems its a fight to post somthin you want to see

i see it as not everyone scrolls back all 152 pages to find some infomtion they want because i could post somthing on there and no one would ever see it so thats the reason people re post the same thing and the forums go back since 06 the forums should go back in the last 6 months or a year max. I do understand that people need advice so they use the search engine but people need up to date advice not advice from 2 years ago because it could be wrong . in other words whats right in 07 might not be right in 2010.

and this is posted in the sex section because it releates in a minor way to to sex talk :)

Hi sean+maria,

There was a big big big (huge, even) discussion about this just this past weekend here. It seems to be a bigger issue on this forum than any other I've been on. I tried to clarify what LoveHoney's take is here (page 7 of the thread).

Because this precise topic was under discussion just a few days ago, I've closed this thread. Hopefully soon we'll have the ability to merge so relevant topics can stay together .