I'm trained...he isnt...

I spent a year living in a 24/7 BDSM relationship with my Master for training. My contract with my master to be fell through, and now i'm with the man of my dreams. Problem is, i love being a slave, and he isnt too comfortable with being my master..

any ideas?

Maybe you could "warm him up" to the idea?
If he's not used to /comfortable with being a master, he'll need a bit of training too I suppose?
It all kinda depends on why he's not comfortable with being your master. Is it because he's afraid to hurt you, or is it because he's against the whole idea of BDSM?
Once you've settled that you can move on. At least thats my first thoughts on the subject :)

talk things trough and work on him men are easily manipulated so for once manioulate and then reverse the roles

put adrian ardens "alice" trilogy in front of him, its how my partner got me to switch for him (us both being Domms)can be very graphic
gives insight into the erotic as well as the physical/mental condition of a dom sub sm relationship

It all depends if your "slavery" is confined to the bedroom, or whether it is ~actually~ a lifestyle that you want to live - and by that, I mean the cold hard reality of living your life as a "slave" and not the romanticised novella version.

I know you say that you lived this 24/7 for a year, but that doesn't make you "trained", it just gives you a level of experience that your new man doesn't have. Start out with him slowly, introducing him to some of your kinks in the bedroom (check out the "how do I tell my man" thread), then slowly begin to let it spill out to the rest of the time you're together - like, have his work shirt ironed for him in the morning (if you live together) or even, very simply, after you've had sex, get up and fetch him a glass of water or a cigarette or whatever his "post-coital" requirement is.

However, the brutal honesty of it is, if your new man isn't "Master" material, he will never be more than a bedroom Top for you. On the other hand, if he is, then a year's experience isn't a huge amount to catch up on if he wants to!

Good luck