Impending snip

So I had my first talk with the doctor this morning about getting my vasectomy. Wife and I are finished having kids so definitely the right decision.

Any general advice from mem who’ve had it done or from ladies where your man has had it?

What did you do to cope with the pain? How long afterwards before you could have a delicate bit of self love? How long before you could cope with full (still protected at that point) sex? Any other general advice?

We definitely want this but obviously I’ve got questions and some things I’m nervous about


Hiya - I had mine done privately via keyhole, as my local nhs trust doesn’t offer them free of charge anymore. I can safely say my experience was pretty good. I was awake throughout, and the only pain i felt during was a little burning (which I told them about) and they topped me up with local anaesthetic. So the op was fine… I couldn’t have anyone to drive me home from the op - and as you’re no meant to drive straight after I just went and sat in a park for a few hours and enjoyed the sunshine!

Afterwards, you do need to take it easy. You probably won’t feel like you need to - but if you do to much you’re in danger of setting yourself back. I took it relatively easy for a week (as much as is possible with kids leaping all over you) but tried to avoid heavy lifting. As for “self love” - you’ll be physially to asked to do it a lot! - before your “confirmation test” (you have to send off a sample to prove its worked) you have to have ejaculated a lot of times (I cant remember, but seem to think it was over 30) and I think the test is usually taken after 12 weeks. I think I waited about 5 days if im honest…and was fine. But defo take it gently…and yes there might be blood in your cum for the first few times…

good luck…just follow the rules and you’ll be fine. I’m lucky I have a deskbound job…


I had it done some 35 years ago. No pain, little or no discomfort that I can recall and I had full penetrative sex to orgasm the following day. All fine apart from a definite ‘twang’ feeling just as I ejaculated (no pain though).



Hubby had one in September, it was fine - only uncomfortable for a couple of days.

Onlg thing is we haven’t been able to have his sampled checked to get the all clear yet because of the current situation.

I would definitely recommend it - it’s not good for a woman to be on contraceptive pills for such a long time and it’s just something that you won’t have to worry about in future.


Had mine done quite a few years ago, no pain after, just take things easy and try to control yourself. :wink::wink: Most uncomfortable thing was pubes growing back which is ironic because there’s hardly any down there now!!
Although me being me I’m squeamish and have a blood phobia so had a turn on the way out of the building so had to stay for an hour under observation!! :confused::confused::confused:


Not had mine done yet but I really want to. 3 of my mates have had there’s done and they said they were uncomfortable for a few days but it was ok. My mate had his done about 4 weeks ago and he was in and out in 20mins lol on his way back home done


I was done around 4 years ago now, same reason as yourself in that we have had kids and don’t want anymore.

Very nervous before had but the people doing the op were great, hardly felt a thing, doctor started a little too quick on the second side but I told him and he quickly added more pain relief.

As everyone else has mentioned just take it easy for a few days, managed to milk a couple of days out the wife but after that she wasn’t playing ball anymore. Had sex within the first 5/6 days and self love not long after.

Best decision I ever made.


About 15 years or so from me, no scalpel technique. Was awake the whole time and even watched it being done with a mirror, was quite fascinating.

Moderate discomfort for a few days, first ejaculation about a week after and then another a few days later. These seemed to relieve pressure in the area and all was well afterwards.

Don’t forget, you are still firing live rounds for up to 6 months afterwards. I went for 2 tests and was told to keep wearing protection until the 2nd one came back all clear.


Had mine done 26 years ago. i was 26. Done under a local - took about 20 mins. A bit tender immediately after and sore for a few days with some bruising. Came for the first time about 4-5 days later, about a week later and we were having sex again. Had to have two clear samples over the space of a couple of months before it was declared a success. No problems ever since. Best decision ever.

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My wife has tried hormonal contraception a couple of times but she always has a bad reaction. I was worried that the doctor would suggest a coil, implant etc but thankfully didn’t.

A big motivation for this is never having to wear a condom ever again


Following this post as it’s something my husband and I are currently deciding on.

After giving birth naturally 3 times and years of the pill it’s time he did his part :laughing:


I had mine last year (was it last year or the year before? it’s all blurring at the moment). It was all free on the NHS and keyhole to boot. 3 ladies looked after me and there was a sudden bit of pain just after the anaesthetic. The doctor asked how it felt and I said I could feel a little something. Next thing I know it felt like I’d been kicked in the nuts. After about a second the pain vanished. My wife heard me from out in the corridor :smiley:

The info said it would about 30 ejaculations to clear out the remaining sperm and after 2 tests I was looking at 12 weeks until the all clear. Determined to get it done quicker and so got my 30 wanks off in record breaking time (no medal sadly, just laughs from the wife). I phoned about getting the second sample done earlier - wasn’t gonna happen. Ah well, God loves a trier!

Can’t say I noticed any discomfort after the first week and the bruising disappeared quite quickly - lady Rictus was quite fascinated by the whole thing.

Glad I got it done though - means she can come off the contraceptives. Well done to all the other fellow snips!



My partner had his vasectomy a couple of years ago (age 27) and it was totally fine.

He did have a general anaesthetic due to an anatomy issue and severe needle phobia (he faints easily!) on the surgeons recommendation. I think most of the time it’s done under a local though and you might not even be offered a general.

He had barely any pain, just “awareness” of the area for about a week. The bruising was a bit scary but completely went after 2 weeks. Neither of us can find the scar!

He took a week off work but probably would have been fine a day or two after tbh.
He was happy masturbating after a week (cautiously as there can be blood in your cum the first time - didn’t happen but apparently it is common) and sex very soon after that.
They don’t really give specific advice when you can do stuff again, just “when you’re ready”

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Ask for a general anaesthetic, I did.
I know guys who had failures and both had locals.Think they can be more intrusive with general and do a certain job.
Mild ache for a day or two.


My husband had one in 1998. The only thing he expereinced that I haven’t seen mentioned is that part way through he got nauseous (doc said it’s not atypical) and they had to take a short break during the procedure. But he was fine after. I can’t remember much after that because our youngest was about 2 months old (YES, I was done having kids). No complications. It’s been successful!


The other thing to add, was that when Mrs Sen was able to come off oral contraceptive, she noticed a significant increase in sexual pleasure and desire, like the pill had been suppressing not only her ability to have children, but her ability to fully enjoy sex. It may be different for others, but it was a side benefit for us…


I had the procedure about 5 years ago. The process itself went quickly with little to no discomfort other than a bit of a burning smell during it (and some awkward moments when chatting with the doctor we realised we knew each other professionally).

Afterwards it was a bit tender for a couple of days and I had to steer clear of rugby for a few weeks all went well.

As others have said you will have to send of a sample of ejaculate a few weeks later to confirm it was successful.

There has been no change in quality/quantity of my ejaculate or my ability to produce it.

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That was one of the reasons my wife doesn’t use hormonal contraception; it basically gave her full time PMT+. So we could have sex whenever but she didn’t want it and felt like crap.

So condoms returned quickly but hopefully soon those will be history

Thanks all for helpful replies.

One of you mentioned exercise. I do regular workouts and walk a lot. How long before you can go back to that?

You’ll know when you’re ready (depending on the nature of the exercise). Walking I wouldn’t think there would be much issue with pretty much straight away (very limited movement and risk of injuring yourself), but workouts (I assume weights) could be different depending on what you do.

Compound exercises that require a strong core (think squats, deadlifts, bench, rows and press) may be uncomfortable and until you are 100% confident in yourself, you risk other injuries (back for example) if you don’t perform the movement properly. You could try lighter weights for a while (week or 2) just to gain confidence that all is okay, but if it were me, I’d factor in about a week off the gym and then see from there.

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