implanon- what you probably wanted to know before you got it

so I just found this... i love how they class depression as not needing medical attention. hmmm think I'll have mine out soon.

I love/hate all this stuff.

Just as a "did you know", there's been effective male hormonal contraception for over a decade, but hasn't been approved for market because of the side effects- cramps, bloating, mood swings, depression.... y'know, some oddly familiar ones to women?

*sardonic eyeroll*

And RISUG seems to be perpetually about to get enough proper trials to go forward, but never quite makes it. Funny, that.

Some people are absolutely fine on Implanon and the other hormonal contraceptives. I wouldn't go off it because you're worried about a side effect you haven't experienced, unless it's something serious you're already high risk for (e.g. don't use the combined pill if you smoke, the stroke risk shoots up). I did really badly on hormonal contraceptives, so I have a copper IUD.

My depression got a lot worse while on the implant, when I had it removed I felt much better :) progesterone contraceptives in general don't agree with me though.

I was neurotic on this, and had constant periods but dr refused to remove it just said I could take the pill along side it, when I did finally get it removed I was back to my normal crazy self :)

Boogaloo wrote:

My depression got a lot worse while on the implant, when I had it removed I felt much better :) progesterone contraceptives in general don't agree with me though.

+1, Progesterone is awful lol, I can't have anything progesterone based. I'm now looking at my last resort of the copper coil as some kind of contraception device

I have had a world of issues with implanon too! Was pretty disappointed to not even have been told about many of the side effects :(

I'm sorry to hear that all of you have had bad experiences with the implant.

i have it and have had one for 12 years now. I really don't want to get pregnant. And this is more or less my last option. Fortunately it seems to suit me just fine, and I love the fact that I don't get periods on it.

I've had mine for just over a year now, and it's had its ups and downs.

The first 11 months I bled everyday and it would change between spotting to heavy in seconds. I think it has affected my moods but apart from that I've had no other issues, it was my only option for now as I reacted aggressively to the pill and the nurse felt the coil wasn't appropriate as my first form of contraception but I am looking at getting that when the 3 years of implant is up.

Why did the nurse think an IUD was inappropriate? There are some myths about IUDs still going around which really shouldn't be. I've been using them since my early 20s, and there's favourable research on using them for teenagers.

Incidentally, none of these hormonal methods involve progesterone, though it's a common myth that they do and you may even see it on the odd medical site. They use progestogens. Progesterone is a hormone produced by women and is rarely used in medical treatment. Progestogens are artificial, and while there's nothing wrong with that, they're closer to androgens, male hormones. I have no idea how this affects the side effect rates. I know that Depo Provera, which I was unlucky enough to be put on back in the days when they were handing it out like candy, is no longer used as a first choice contraceptive, because the side effect rate is really high and it tends to damage your bone density after a couple of years.

Zerlina, I didn't know that about the depo, I came off it after a year because i Gaines 3 stone in weight in that time. I felt ravenous hungry all the time. As my mother has had a pulmonary embolism in the past, I can't have set estrogen based contraceptives.

i can't have the coil either as my OH is fortunate in the trouser department and in the past with 2 other women he has had their coil attached to him after sex.

They will NOT sterilise me even though I have been abused as a child, am in a relationship with a man who also doesn't want kids, have a dog (baby substitute). The reason they will not do it is I have not had children!!! not wanting children is the reason to be sterilised. How do they not understand that. I have asked for this for 15 years now. It's the only way I can come off my implant.

Heard some awful horror stories and actually lost a close friends because of complications with the coil. If it's put in wring or moves it can fatal. I'd never have this after losing my best friend. I have the implant have for 6 years it's never affected me badly.

My OH had the coil and she had major complications with it. She was hospitalised for quite a while and was in agony!