Implant and no feeling

The last 10 years i have had 3 implants the last one inserted 5 weeks ago. The two weeks before i had the old one out and new one in hubs and i were having amazing sex and trying lots of new things. I naturally have a high sex drive. While I have the implant my sex drive has always been lower going from no implant and wanting sex daily to only really wanting it once a week with the implant but going 2 3 weeks without. As i said before this implant was inserted hubs and i done alot of soul searching together and were having an amazing time sex wise.
I have now had this latest implant for 5 weeks and although yea the usual drop in libido whats even worse this time round is I actually cant feel anything. It does not matter where he touches me i cant feel it and orgasm well those are impossible even using a clitoral vibrator again because of lack of sensation has anyone else experienced lack of feeling it makes me feel utterly broken and useless and i am missing good enjoyable sex and orgasms
Feeling frustrated 😩

Ah no...thats not good..whilst i have no experience with this particular problem..i can suggest that you go back to the doctor and see what your other options are.
Because carrying on feeling nothing with no release just isnt good for you, or your relationship

Thanks for your reply i have an app to have implant removed on the 24th of this month but the doc is hoping an app he has blocked off for this friday will become unblocked and he can get me in this week to have it removed. He agrees this has to come out and has seen a drastic change in me in the last 5 weeks and although it should be in a minimum of 6 months he said he has enough evidence for removal this early. I suppose my worry is what if removing the implant does not work what if thats not the issue. In an ideal world this is caused by implant and by removing that will for want of a better word "fix" me but theres also a niggle of it might possibly not be the implant causing it x

My partner is on her 2nd implant now and her hormones, feelings and monthly cycle are always changing. She could be constantly horny for week then suddenly have no sex drive for a week. But nothing ever stays regular, the only reason she puts up with the inplant is because it's the only contraception we have been caught pregnant with, our first daughter was conceived on the injection and our second daughter was conceived on the pill lol but I know if she could she would have the inplant removed.
Have you spoke to you dr to see if it isn't anything else causing your lack of feeling

That's suxks

sucks, i wish you luck :/

Implants can be awful...

I lost my libido and I was super depressed and I knew I wasn't ok but couldn't help but feeling low

Got it removed and got better almost the day after

They are great because you don't care and live your life but they can be also very bad and the only way to go around is to remove them

I was calling it the little monster inside me

Hope you manage to get your appointment moved forward mrsarthur.
And fingers crossed that it is the implant causing the issue for you and nothing underlining x

Am I correct in thinking this is the arm implant you're talking about? Or an IUS? It could be the type of hormone affecting you that way. Have you tried any other forms of hormonal contraception in the past?

Also, are you on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication?

So sorry it has taken so long to reply it has all been a bit mad here yes it is the implant in the arm, over the years i have tried every pill possible none agree with me we use condoms anyway as i am allergic to hubbys sperm 😳 I am not on any type of anti depressants anxiety meds and dog ran full bloods 2 weeks ago to check for anything else everything came back clear ( think that's everyone's question answered lol )

Doc has moved app forward from the 24th and managed to get me into thag blocked app he had for thismorning so just about to go face the multiple needles and scalpol. Hubby is hoping its an instant reversal as we are away this weekend for our anniversary lol i on the other hand know it could take a few days maybe weeks for the hormones to vacate i am just hopeful that this is indeed the issue.
Thank you all for the replys I shall update once the gremlin is out 😁

Clearly i meant the doc ran bloods and not one of my dogs lol

Hope the appointment went okay.
Have a lovely anniversary weekend away. I hope it doesn't take too long for you to feel better x

Thank you it all went well easiest removal to date. Had a lovely weekend away with hubby and well the "sensation" is coming back but think its going to be a good few more days before i am back to "normal" x

That's good news. It almost certainly means that the problem was indeed that particular implant. I know it can be hell finding the right hormone/combination for some individuals. I went through a few pills and methods of taking them before just getting shut of them alltogether. I have had a non-hormonal copper IUD for a few years now and I've never looked back. Those aren't for everyone either, of course.