Inch perfect postal palaver!!

The past few days I have been waitng eager for my inch perfect to arrive from Orgasam Army, They sent me an email asking if my inch perfect had got here ok, and it hadn't, so I replyed to the email saying "no my inch perfect isn't here yet" The reply I got was phone the post office and see if it was there and if so collect it or get a re-delivery, so I phoned my post office and they said I had no parcels there, but I could try phoning this other number, which I quickly did, but they said they couldnt even look if I had any parcels unless I had a "SORRY YOU WERE OUT" card, So I felt defeated feeling I would never get my mits on a inch perfect unless I bought one :P
Then I thought phone hubby, ask him if he had seen a "SORRY YOU WERE OUT " card any where.. he said "oh a red card thing?" "It's at the side of the bread bin" I jumped for joy I was so releived, but wait... the story doesn't end there....
I got it the card and phone the post office, they said "i'm sorry we only keep items for one week"... (:O I could have screamed right then and there!!) "But you could phne the main office tomorrow before 12pm tomorrow and see if by any chance your parcel is there."
So.. now I must wait untill tomorrow twich with a slight anger and frustration, if it isnt there it will have been returned to sender after that I dont know what happens... Any one else had this kind of palaver???

Woops put it in dildo's instead of vibes.. oh well!!

What sort of palaver? Husband-putting-the-Royal-Mail-card-by-the-bread-bin-and-not-telling-you palaver? ;-)

Royal Mail delivery offices keep parcels fo different lengths of time depending on how big they are and how many parcels they've got. A bit random to be honest!

Hope you get it soon!

It's not a huge problem now :P Ruth from orgasam army emailed me back and said they are gunna keep an eye out for it returning :P so as soon as they get it they will re-send it to me Wo0t!!
Hopefully it will see the inside of my house soon and the inside of somewhere else too :P

Just an update!! My inch perfect arrived :P and not long after I did too :O thanks Ruth at lovehoney!!
I have written my review, jusst waiting for it to be published.

Ruth is a sweetie!

My review has been published Wo0t :P its a long one so get ur coco and cookies before you start reading :P

Hi anyone around?