Inflatable sex toy for guys?

So, was randomly looking at stuff as usual, and I saw this:

Not sure the pink colour would attract many guys haha, but it got me thinking... why is there no inflatable chair with built in sex toy for the discerning guy? Maybe a tv attachement so you can flick between the footy and porn, fridge built in to keep your beer cool... the worlds laziest wank haha!

I think for men it would have to be a leather lazy boy which had a fleshlight in one of the arms and a beer cooler in the other. You could just sit back watch the game and get yourself wanked off

Seems the girls get the most from the "R+D" department!

The chairs you two were inventing seem like they need some way of automatically unzipping the fly (magnet? :P ) so the user doesn't even have to take off their own clothes! ;)

I wonder if you can link it to online porn so it keeps picking out the best bits and skipping over the terrible stories

Go the whole hog and make a robot chair. With moving arms and hands.

It should definitely have a fleshlight built in, i think this has convinced my to buy one:

It could have a speed control in one arm for automatic handjobs haha! :op

I wonder if you could arrange some kind of suction pump for a blowjob??

Not that I'm lazy or anything, but that does sound like a good night in... :op

Plus it should have a motor, and wheels, so you can ride around the house on it lol