Hi thinking of purchasing an inflatable chair with a vibratong Dildo any recommendations or views thanks

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Unfortunately there is not currently a very large selection on the site, I think your only options from LH at the moment are the Inflatable Vibrating Dildo Chair which I’m afraid I don’t have personal experience of but there are 56 reviews to read through or the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Cushion which again I don’t have experience with but looks pretty fun. We obviously can’t make recommendations for products not on the LH site but there are other options out there particularly at the more expensive end of the scale.

Alternatives to inflatable depending on your budget and available space would be the BonBon or the Cloud 9 though obviously the latter is very spacious and costs many a pretty penny!

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Thank you so much for the great information much appreciated have a lovely day

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Let me know if you get the chair. Very curious about it

We have this one Pink dildo chair She really enjoys it and is left inflated in our sex room but it doesnt get used that often to be honest

Hi many thanks for your reply is the dildo solid does it blow up with the chair out of would you rate it

In that one the dildo comes pre attached but it’s solid and vibrates - it doesn’t blow up with the chair!

My favourite bit of the description:

The perfect solution for those looking for a closer-to-sex experience or want their hands kept free for other things, like sudoku.