Initiating Oral (in her)

Having children in our lives makes things very difficult in terms of spare or free time so often we have to grab an opportunity should one arrive. We both have Friday off work and I plan on taking my wife out for some lunch at a spot of shopping, i digress a little. Anyway, she has never been keen on my performing oral sex on her, I’d like to return the favour but my wife seems to be hesitant. For me I see it as a natural process and I am wondering if I am approaching this wrong? Should I discuss this with her or just go with the flow (we will have an empty house all day). She does seem hesitant with sex toys but once we are in the mood she enjoys it and says that she enjoys it. Thanks!

Discuss it with her, understand her concerns. Some are self conscious when it comes to oral sex, but I am sure with a little reassurance you get to repay the favour.

Definitely discuss it with her so that you can both be on the same page rather than it coming as a surprise and that might kill the moment. Tell her that you really want to please her and need to understand how she feels about it.

I agree that you should discuss it with her.

As DLJL said, many women are self conscious. Some of the most common reasons are that the woman's genitals don't look like those of pornstars (larger lips, darker colour, having given birth can make things worse), that she's worried about her smell/ taste, that she feels like she will not like it enough, or that she might not orgasm fast enough and therefore you'll get bored, tired or frustrated. Even if she doesn't have any of these issues, she might simply not enjoy receiving oral sex. Some people don't.

Either way, communication is key.

Best of luck, and hope you two will have lots of fun on Friday! =)

I agree with what has been said here, talk to her about it.

Are you going straight in or building up to it slowly? Perhaps it’s your technique that she doesn’t quite enjoy but not sure how to tell you.

When am performing oral on my wife, I listen, her moans and noises and know that what am doing, licking, kissing and sucking is doing it for her based on her reactions. If for example am sucking on her clit and she isn’t really moaning in pleasure then I change tack.

But definitely talk to her about it, ask her what aspects of oral is it that she isn’t enjoying and I hope you sort it out.

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