Initiating sex

Do you find one of you intiates sex more than the other? We had this discussion at work and it made me wonder. I seem to initiate it more than my partner whereas other said the male always initiates it more

Think we are 60 / 40 I probably initiate more as I seem to be constantly horny. I try not to be too full on as that cant be attractive!? He is however more to the point when he comes onto me - Im more likely to wiggle my arse against his bits in bed 😂

Its 99% on my side

Say its 70/30 me.

60/40 me.

Mostly me but she does now and again

100% me but there is a reason.

Following a low testosterone diagnosis I use Sildanafil (Viagra) to ensure a strong erection so there is no point in her initiating sex unless she knows i've already taken a tablet.

I wish lol

I'de say 60/40 to her

Mostly me, wife love it

I'd say 70/30 me, but used to be 90% me.

My OH has a lower drive, and hadn't been into kink before - so she's entered a new world and does initiate more herself now. Her latest is to bend over in a short skirt and tell me she's been a bad girl and had naughty thoughts and she is ready to be punished (then tells me those thoughts whilst being spanked).

As she enjoys exploring a new world with me she initiates more and her confidence is improving. Kink can be a wonderful wonderful thing!

These days it is 99.9% me . But before her disabilties and pain took over , I think it was closer to 55/45% . Boy do I miss those days .

It`s usually me, but as health/age issues have been a problem lately, i have held back. I suggested a session the other day, and she said she was hoping i`d suggest something the day before! I told her, that due to her health issues i was being patient and not wanting to pressuriese her, and that if she asked me, if she was feeling ok, i`d never refuse! It`s very tricky, not knowing what do do for right or wrong!

100% me. She has zero sexdrive until I start touching myself or I pop a dildo up my bum.

Mostly mutual as we start flirting early in the evening. Pretty much in tune. But then me because I go and get changed into something sexy, call him up for ‘a cuddle’. We have kids and, therefore, a code.

Was just me until a few years ago as I went through an early menopause and he didn’t want to hassle me, so we talked and agreed that I would let him know. Not a great period in our love life but at least we came to an understanding and an agreement. Taking the pressure off me certainly helped things get back to normal. He had the higher drive, but I let him know if I was in the mood.

I think at the moment I have a higher drive, but none of this has made much difference to our attraction to each other. We both have ways of entertaining ourselves and we have lovely long sessions together.

it is all a changing journey with a long term partner.

When we first got together, it was 99% initiated by me and stayed like that for ages. We talked about it one evening and I said I would like it if he initiated more, and he was so sweet as he said he was being respectful and knew I was often not in the mood but would switch in minutes, and as he was always up for it, it was easier to leave it to me to initiate. Good logic, and I said so, but I said it would be nice if he took me occasionally when he wanted.

Well the next night, I passed him in the hall when he came in from work, gave him a quick kiss, and next thing I knew, I was up against the wall with my panties round one of my ankles and his cock rhythmically driving into me. I was so not in the mood for sex before I kissed him, and yet I was loving him just taking me.

He now just takes me a lot, whenever he wants. He seems to be able to read when I really don't want sex, as the few times I've felt like that, he hasn't tried.

So it's probably 60/40 him now, which suits me perfectly. I seem to initiate much more of the bedroom action, him more the sofa, kitchen, bathroom or outside. Interestingly though, I seem to initiate a higher percentage of the kink at the moment, probably 70/30.

Out of interest how do people in long terms initiate it?

Probably 70/30 me, but as I am prescribed sildenafil, we have to plan ahead. Neither of us works (I'm retired, she has a disability) so we often decide to have a "tablet day". Both of us make this suggestion.

It was probably about 70:30 to me when we were first together, now after the manopause it's more like 50:50.

I goad other people into initiating. It's fun.