What’s everyone’s opinion on making the first move ……

Context pls.

I’m in control of my orgasm, so if I want one he’d know about it and he would do the same.


How you initiate methods is it physical verbal

Place time how do you really know what everyone is up for

Is it a toy session a quickie

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It’s something a male has to do, once married, as a wedding ring makes women excempt :joy::ring:


I am normally the one who does it

But I love it when the wife comes onto me it’s much much better x


My wife coming on to me is aligned with the passing of Hawleys Comet

Or when DFS in the UK, Aren’t having a sale!


Dfs need to help a man out

Why you think it’s like that though

I 9/10 initiate and it makes me feel crappy sometimes…like I am not desirable…been like it in every relationship though.
I’ve always had the higher sex drive.



Ah really you think it’s about sex drive I find it all a little odd

I am very open to sex and chatty forward

Even if planning something when the time comes does it mean the partner is up for it

Then it makes you feels the other person is thinking all they want is sex. Yeah been the same place as you @CurvyJilly

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My life likes me to do pretty much all the work in the bedroom, a receiver not a giver.

We then have the paradox that she needs stimulation before desire is obtained, as stimulation isn’t a naturally occurring thing, I’d have to initiate some kind of act to give stimulation.

This is draining after many years, and very one sided, but what choice do we have, with a partner that won’t communicate, or is aware of this problem, but won’t do anything to rectify it.

Most hubbies are crazy attracted to their OH, I know I am, and even with her hair scruffy and no makeup, I actually find her more attractive, it’s the real HER, and her making the first move is a signal that She wants it, not just doing it to pacify me


You pair should talk or see someone a little counselling session and you be on way again

It’s hard cause you never know for sure what’s in your partners head especially if there a closed book

Welcome to my sex life! For many many years (ie, decades) I have been trying to get my wife to initiate, and we have spoken about it countless times, but for some reason she can’t. To be fair, I think it’s more can’t than won’t, but I have given up trying to understand why.

On the plus side: I’ve learned to live with it, and I think that by leaving it to me every time, we have an unspoken rule that it is therefore only fair that she is more open to trying the kinkier/dirtier things I’ve suggested - many of which she has liked, even though she would not have suggested them herself in a million years.

So although it would be so horny to be led into the bedroom for once, there are always compensations.


Now I am intrigued to the kinks you tried out of it

I think lost of women fall into submissive nature maybe it’s in the genes

Sure dominant women turn all men on

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Usually I flirt really intensely with my husband, or I challenge him. Nothing makes him want to show me who is really in control more than me suggesting I might be the boss :wink:


Love it confidence and a understanding of what pushes the buttons

It’s almost like a game isn’t it


Absolutely. Funnily enough, 8-ball pool used to be a game we played for sure. Wagers can be dangerous business sometimes haha.

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Pool tables can come in handy to


I don’t think my local Allstars would appreciate it! :joy:

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