innuendo coversation game

This is a bit like a word association game but an Innuendo conversation, where each line of reply must continue from the last question/answer but MUST contain an innuendo of some sort! Get it?

I'll start-

Hi has anybody got a nice juicy burger to get my lips around, I'm starving?

sorry far too busy to cook, sweeping the debris from my back passage..........

Brushed up all the leaves in the back passage.... Now to trim my bush the bush is tidy, I'll see if there's any tasty berries to nibble on...

Berries nibbled but I'm still hungry.... Off to ear some spotted dick

Enjoyed the spotted dick, but now I'm tired, so I'll just have a sit down and stroke my pussy

Too cold to stroke the cat in the garden, I'd better come inside

Pussy dribbled all over me, now I am soaking wet. Boyfriend is getting a shower ready for me though..

Ahh lovely shower with the oh, time to get some cream on her back..

when in the shower however, I did notice a crack that needs filling....

so I'll need to get some filler from the hard ware store

I'm amazed I hadn't noticed the crack before because after I got out my trowel...

...I pushed the length of my tool in the crack

And filled it with thick white crack filler, better rub it smooth now!

The thick white filler is dripping.. Better get something wet to clean it up

all clean, that was a lot harder than i thought....

It was a lot harder than I thought to find that sweet spot

I knew when I had found the right spot though as the white filler started leaking all over me

Instructions said to wipe down with a damp cloth and wait for 12 hours before rubbing it smooth, so I went to wash my tool

As I was shaking my tool dry my o/h walked past. "Oh no" she exclaimed "you've got it all in my hair!"

Sorry my tool was dripping everywhere, I shouldn't shake it when it's like that, I'll go and polish it so it's all shiny again...