Me and my partner always talk about spicing things up. Like really next level, but never can think what to do. We search porn websites but never really inspired. Can anyone suggest some real kinky things to try out. We would love to do something and after be like, wow that really happened!

Without knowing what you've previously tried, it's hard to suggest "next level" Can you expand a bit?

Everyone's definition of kinky will be different, but chastity has been getting a bit of love on the forum recently:

Yes. A few people on the forum, me included, are involved in chastity play.

I'm locked in a cock cage and my partner has the key. She controls when I can orgasm, she teases me to try to provoke an erection but the cage prevents me from acheiving one. The feel of the cage is exciting and becomes more excitig the longer she denies me an orgasm. I vent my frustration by giving her orgasms constantly and she's loving it. iI's completely recharged our sex lives (weve been married for 45 years).

There's lots of information about chastity play online but it's something you both need to discuss first.

It's hard to suggest something not knowing what you've tried or what you usuaully like. Personally some bondage or spanking would be what I'd recomend to spice things up. Look at over the door cuff's or mattress ones, opens up kink and sensual play too.

Agree with Enchantress29...try light bondage maybe a blindfold and light spanking...maybe roleplay too...pick a position play Ian and Will said too without knowing where you are right now it's difficult to advise on your next step...whatever you do enjoy and make sure you both want to explore in the same direction without rushing it...Good Luck.