Instructions game - 1

SOOooo I shall start off with a mild solo challenge.

Stand in the middle of the bedroom & masturbate.

After completion ;) come back & review the challenge out of 10.

1 being "very dull" & 10 being " I can't stop doing it"

If 4 people play the game I shall conceder it a success & post the second challenge.

Some of us are at work.

And no!

No offence but that's quite creepy...

Hi Boss,

I see you've been a member for a while but this is your first post.

You may want to check out the forum rules before posting. You can check the link out here...

I think maybe this topic may be a bit too much, as it kind of seems to me that it may come under point 5 in that link which asks people to refrain from asking for explicit personal descriptions or excessive information. It may be handy for you to have a read through.

Apart from that, welcome to the forum. We're all very friendly, in return to friendly behaviour.

Enjoy :)

I do like to play games,but this ones a little personal for me sorry, but i would do something like spin around the room, then try and write a sentence,or write a sentence using the oppostite hand to what a use,

I concur.

Welcome to the forum and all but that's a bit.. erm... 'out there' for a first post. This isn't that kind of place.... but you know, we all a friendly bunch so won't hold it against you! Just have a read of the Rules and the FAQ and you'll be all good!