Interested in expanding our relationship

My partner and I have an amazing relationship and we both come from a history of long marriages which ultimately ended with divorce due to questionable principles. We are so confident and happy and my partner has expressed a fantasy of inviting another women into our time for some fun and mutual excitement. I have looked at what the internet has to offer and there are many clubs, apps etc. It’s called Unicorn hunting I believe. Has anyone had success and how?

I would recommend a site like FetLife or similar, where there are groups for various interests. Most work by finding out details of real-world socials (Munches), where you can meet people in a public, social environment first and see how you get on. That seems better to me than an online hook up. Failing that, I’ve had a few friends attend BDSM classroom courses, among other things, where you can meet like-minded people. Good luck!

The advice before is in line with what I was thinking. Fetlife can put you in contact with local groups and meeting like minded people will help/safer than an app. Take it slow and always think about your safety, with where and how you meet. Good luck and enjoy.

I've always met iin person or cam-chatted online with prospective threesome partners. It helps introduce yourselves, explore the range of what you want to do, limits, kinks, etc. You can then arrange when and where easily too. Its better than picking up someone random and safer too. Just be sure you know what you both want from it, as it can be a challenge having sex with an audience (but also a turn on) and it can be even harder to watch your partner have sex with someone else in front of you. If you both happy then it is an explosive addition to your sex life.