International Fetish Day. What did you do?

Well Friday was International Fetish Day. Did you indulge in yours?

Did you see anyone wearing Purple? If you did what else were they wearing?

Me? I managed to wear five stainless steel ball rings for a few hours, under my jeans. (about 1 kilo) Just for a little stretch!!

If you were working did you have a secret underneath?

I had no idea, sad I missed it!

I didn't know about it either, but just by coincidence I received my Bondage Boutique wrist to collar front position restraint ( yesterday so me and the OH celebrated with that, despite not knowing it was International Fetish Day :) A fitting celebration though, I feel.

That's a shame! Wish we'd known. Unfortunately, nothing fetish related went on for us yesterday!

Got drunk and watched a movie together!

received a bondage product to review, wrote a different review for another fetish product and then spent a few hours with some local kinksters having a few drinks and a laugh

It's the third Friday of the new year. Mark it in your diary.

And take 3 extra lashes to remember .lol

It'll give you an extra reason for indulging in yours.

Here in Birmingham we have 'The Best Fetish Dressed 2014' on this Sunday from 11 'til 5 at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar. B5 6RD Two bars, Two floors full of eye candy for boys and girls ;) and a resturant. All for a fiver students with a card £3. NO cameras NO genital nudity.

So if you've just treated yourself for Christmas and want to try wearing your outfit in public, it's just the place to be. You don't have to dress up, if you want some inspiration and ideas you can just pop in.

Last year there were hundreds of like minded people in there enjoying themselves.

Enjoy. x

I had no idea this was a thing, I spent the day organising books resulting in a back injury and an A&E visit. So unless severe pain caused by a muscle spasm is a fetish well, I failed...