Introducing a Cane Advice

Love the though of a cane across my buttocks but wondering how to introduce it into foreplay??

I have a bamboo garden cane that I am quite keen to try before buying a proper cane, we are going away to an isolated cottage next week and plan on having red buttocks all week!!! So wondering if I should just pack it (or a couple) along with our other toys or introduce it before we go?

I am not new to a good spanking (love it) just want to go to the new step.

Has your partner ever used a cane before? Unless they are really good with canes already, they will definitely need to practice before using it on you. Canes are amazing toys but there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong and serious harm to be done.

Also, be careful using something that wasn’t designed for impact play. There is a much higher chance of it breaking than if you use something designed for the job.

I think some research is required with a cane. There is a technique to using it that is slightly different to paddles and other items. The pain can actually get a lot worse following use so start easy I think it would be best to give it to him as a present and set a time for you to receive it