introducing him

Question is how?

So ive brought my bf a stroker n blindfold for his bday/valentines

Really dont know how to introduce it to the bedroom or if to just give it to him in his gift bag? Any ideas woukd b great x

in a gift bag, theres too much pressure in the heat of the moment

Blindfold him and slip it on him whilst playing with him. Plenty of lube though👍

I was going to say introduce it in the bedroom as a surprise, but then it occured to me that a bit of good old-fashioned build-up might be fun too. Maybe you could hint at having new things without giving them to him? Or take a photo of them in your hands and tell him you'll be using them later? I wouldn't give him the stroker beforehand, just in case he can't wait and tries it out solo, lol.

I would do that if the silly bugger hadnt broken his phone, althou I did say to him your pressies should b at mine by tues n tryed getting him to guess but didnt tell him what it was, he thought it was a butt plug n I said no do u want one but he said no .. im not sure what we are gunna do ill prob be seeing him sat x

I agree with Stuburns, blindfold him and then slip it on with plenty of lube, it's turning me on just thinking of the pleasure he will have on the 14th. Let me know how it goes.

That's how I introduced my hubby to his stroker, just waited until he was lying back with his eyes closed (didn't have a blindfold to hand) and I was giving him a handjob, then I just slipped it on and started using it - his eyes snapped open pretty quickly

What was his reaction terrijj

My wife got me one as an early xmas present but i was under instructions not to use it till xmas day, wife had a soak in the bath and I had some alone time. Not sure if this is any help but thats my story of being introduced to my new toy, have to say it was a great pressie.

sassykitten;) Do What Terri JJ had done, don't say anything about the stroker tell him you want to try a blindfold out. Make sure you have some lube and start with a handjob.

Remember when he cums keep pumping for at least six spurts. Or 'till the pleasure turns to pain ;)

Enjoy. x

His reaction was amazing. He loved it - grabbed hold of my hands and just seemed to lose all control. Within a minute or so he was begging for more and came so hard and quickly.

This was the first toy that was just for him I'd purchased - have since added to the collection with several more and he loves them all.

That it then lol if we are alone ill blindfold him ;) I also brought anal lube n few jokey bit as its his bday n got pillowtalk game to lighten things.. I just hope he likes it x