Introducing my bf to new toy

Hello everyone,
I purchased a magic wand a while ago. Desperate to introduce it to my other half but scared he may be a bit scared by it! It's rather big and louder than other toys (but amazing). For those guys who are 'shy' how would you feel about this?

My other half is a bit more 'shy' about toys then I am. But he doesn't have issues with any clit vibes. It's the massive dildos that make him blush. And you should see his face if I come at him with a butt plug haha! I wouldn't be worried about it. He will probably be a bit surprised at first but mostly he will be excited to see how much it gets you off. Especially if he can aid in that in any way ;) perhaps give him a bit of warning before you whip it out though. Or don't, and enjoy the look he will have on his face lol xx

We have no issues at all.. We are comfortable about using toys on each other and with me being a guy I can honestly say a body wand feels great when my partner uses it on me.

As regards noise it's all about perception. Many household items including my Wife's foot skin exfoliation machine are louder.

Just place the wand on a low setting and try on various parts of his body including his undercarriage and ask him how it feels. I am pretty sure he will like it.

we dont have any issues using toys together,we find it a huge turn on for both of us.i love to lube him up and use anal toys,i have a strap on and he loves it.