Introducing your new partners to your weird fetishes!

just wondering if anyone had any funny/intresting or enbaressing stories to tell about introducing there new lovers to your weird fetishes! WE ALL HAVE THEM! did they run a mile? where they open minded or just as kinky as you!! it'd be an intresting insight.

with my ex partner i ticked of a great deal of things of my sexcual todo list! and found out some things i really liked that i never thought i would and id really like some to be a regular occurance in the bedroom!

im not sure i could live with someone that wasnt as adventrous as me in the bedroom even if they are a great person! ive reasantly started seeing someone new and im wondering if she might think!! time will tell i guess!

so lets see what your experiances have been!

I guess my only experience is the other way round, where I had a partner who was so focused on BDSM that it put me off it altogether for a long time because it took over all the time we had together. I'm down with exploring kinks and fetishes (very little I would not try in fact) but when that kink or fetish takes over, it's not nice. Very off putting, makes it feel like you are being used and that playing out the kink/fetish is more important than connecting with you. If I were to get with a partner in the future who was so focused on one aspect of sexuality like that again, yes I'd run a mile because it creates too much negativity in the relationship and makes it all very one sided. Plus, takes all the fun out of it!

Telling my current partner a few of my weirder fetishes went well, we've played out what he's comfortable with trying and discovered things we'd never thought of along the way. There are some things he's not happy to try, but he was very good about discussing it and letting me down gently so to speak. No rejection or making me feel like I'm a freak (which I could well be lol).

I agree with you that I couldn't be with someone who wasn't open to trying new things in the bedroom, or more to the point being with someone who shoots you down and refuses to try anything with no discussion. Don't need them to be adventurous per say, just open and willing to compromise :)

I'm absolutely morified of having to tell a partner about some of my less vanilla kinks. I'm an extremely open minded individual, but I do constantly wonder if anyone I end up in a long(er than I have had so far) term relationship will just consider me a little bit too freaky in bed. Shame really. There's too many things I can't do on my own.

I recently opened up to my wife about my fetish for shiny nylon puffer jackets. I will not sugar coat it, she laughed … a lot, and made jokes. But once out of her system she just told me that I should buy a coat I want her to wear and give it to her for Christmas, as a gift to myself.
Let’s just say I am quite stoked for Christmas.