Introduction time Ladies and gents!

Hi, Hey, Hello, Good evening, and a plethera of other forms of greeting!

My name is Peter and I'm 22! I'm not as much of a veteran as some so I would ask people that they give me advise for any of my of my short comings (not a pun) and forgive me my mistakes! I'm very open minded and I have got a lady-girl-friend.... thing (Katie; she's the love of my life!) but I would love to talk to people! And I love to talk about anything!

Hugs and kisses but not necesarily in that order,


Hey, hope u have fun here



Hi welcome

hi Tracey hope you had a good Xmas and good new year. From your resent posts you see to be in a much better place from when you first started post .Have a great 2013 xxx;)