Is an escort immoral?

Is an escort immoral?

I think it’s depends on your personal circumstances. Personally if my Husband went to a escort I’d be very unhappy and see that as cheating. If your literally using an escort to go to an event with you and no intimacy occurs again if it was my H I still wouldn’t be happy? Why could his wife not escort him etc. If your using an escort as you would a prostitute then it’s not different. Really does depend on your situation.

No, I would say definitely not as long as you are single and not in a committed relationship. However, if you are in an open relationship and your OH doesn't mind (and you practice safe sex), I don't think there's anything wrong with that either.

There are many types of roles an escort may fulfill. Some men or women may just want the platonic company of an escort if they are lonely for example. This could be an evening together, going for a meal and a few drinks for instance.

However, I think most men and women visit an escort because they want the sexual engagement to happen as well as the company.

I personally don't think it's immoral because there are many valid reasons why people choose to be with an escort. For example;

• The 'thrill' of doing it, engaging with a stranger and having sex with a stranger.

• Erectile dysfunction issues (both men and women). Going to an escort is sex, but not as intimate as with someone you are in a relationship with. It may give you the confidence to 'perform' better (if you will) as there are no strings attached to the sex and you would feel less pressure in the circumstances to 'be at your best'. Again, you don't know the person intimately and you don't have to visit again if the experience wasn't for you.

• Anoniminity and privacy, the whole world doesn't have to know about your visit to an escort (unless you want other's to know!). The escort doesn't know you either.

• Someone who finds it hard to be in a long term relationship whatever the reason. This could be previous heartbreak, low self-esteem, personal trauma, history of being unfaithful to others - just a few examples.

• Illness and disability can also play a part in this; if someone struggles with having sex (physically and/or mentally), has low self-esteem or erectile difficulties, the escort will be kind and reassuring to them - also accommodating their specific needs.

You pay the escort to 'have a good time' in whatever respect and as long as they are a reputable (registered with relevant authorities), professional and discreet advertised service there's nothing wrong with doing this at all.

Just remember hygeine and safe sex are of the utmost importance for both the escort and the client.

Otherwise, enjoy! - and don't feel ashamed, lots of people do it.

Hope this helps you. ☺

Take care.

I think the girls from the escort are just as ordinary girls as everyone else, but they earn their living by having sex.

I also think that in the girls from the escort there is nothing immoral, everyone does what he can, as long as there is demand - there will be an offer