Is anyone into leather?

I have always been really curious about leather, I think it's really hot! I like the idea of leather harnesses and underwear. Has anyone had anyone experience with leather?

Hi Swanseadoc and welcome :)

I also share you love for leather (Im also very must in to rubber but that is some else all together) I have worn quite a few different leather items mainly different restraints and a harness and I can quite safely say that the feel of leather against your skin is amazing and is only surpassed by the smell.

Hi Swanseadoc. I have some custom made leather underware made from across the channel. Not France but Bristol, Soft glove like leather, some plain ball hugging some studded, and deliciously sexy when worn out under normal clothes.

I love the feeling of leather. For me, it has always been in a sub/dom situation. There's almost something slightly intimidating about it!

Had several leather thongs in the past, feel really nice!

love a sexy lady in leather, my oh has an amazing leather skirt and a dress both smell and feel fantastic when she wears them. I think my oh now wants to get a rubber or pvc outfit to see how that feels cant wait to se her in those as well