Is it a turn on if your partner told you their sexual stories when they were at a young age

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Is it a turn on if your partner told you their sexual stories when they were at a young age, for example say when he/she was at school age, and maybe how they first masturbated and where they might of done it, or maybe how he/she masturbated when they got home,or if they told you just before they went to school they had a quick finger/wank

Of course its sick if you are thinking about any old 14-16 person doing these things,but as its your partner would it still be a thing not to talk about

Im thinking about telling my g/f of the times when i first masturbated at the age of 14.

Then i might tell her the times when i use to find places to masturbate,things like that

TBH im not sure if it would turn me on if my g/f told me about her first sexual incounters when she was at school age

I wouldn't want to know about the blokes past sexual intercourse at all. I know bits, and I know he must've learnt the tricks somewhere, but details would be a bit much. I'm sure he'd say the same about my stories.

Him talking about masterbating would be ok. Not sure it'd be as big a turn on as simply watching him though.

Sorry O know i wouldn't want to hear what my g/f got up to with other partners

Im just talking about your partners sexual activities when they were single,how they might of started to find out about their body etc..

Not going in to any detail: but i started to masturbate by hearing how my freinds done it,so then i went home one night and tried it in my room

Things like that

Oh stuff like that would probably be a bit of a turn on. Not enough to get me proper going, but it'd be a good opener.

So you dont think its weird or a problem if he is telling you about things when he was school age 14-16

Im saying 14 because thats when i started exploring my body and started to masturbate,and trying differnt things out

I might tell her how a group of us would wath porn and have contests on who could last till the end of the film,i would tell her some funny things that had happened when we were masturbating

If i told her about me when i was 18 ten thats no problem,its just the age thing as its a youn age

I know pretty much everything about Himself's sexual history (including some that I'd rather not have known) and he does mine, as well.

That's not a turn~on/turn~off thing though. More an honesty thing and a knowing where each other come from, thing - which in its own way is a turn~on.


I would like to tell her my first masturbation stories,it would turn me on telling her,I can still remember them like it was yesterday

My g/f never masturbated when she was younger&as far as my g/f knows she doesn't know i use to masturbate and stil do

But im pretty sure she will get turned on if i tell her how i got into masturbating when i was 14,and how i still like to


She doesn't know you still masturbate?

Doesn't matter how long you've been together, to imagine that your significant other doesn't stroke the velvet love wand or tickle the tunnel amour, is either naive or just plain dense!

I can't believe she doesnt know you masterbate. Makes you wonder how well you do communicate.

In that case then it might be less of a turn on for her, more of an opening up and getting comfortable thing. Which actually id deeper- you're letting her know something pretty personal, so really it trancends turn on (if that doesnt sound too precosious lol).

As for the age thing, I dont think it'd bother me cos it's not the young age thatd be the turn on, it's the act. Plus I was masterbating at 12, so if he was much older (ie- 18 when he started) it'd just be unbelievable and sound kinda weird. Sounds like you might have a worry about it though, so maybe tell her about an older experience, and then if she seems to like that gradually work backwards.

How did i know someone was going to say

to imagine that your significant other doesn't stroke the velvet love wand or tickle the tunnel amour, is either naive or just plain dense!

Now do you know my g/f NO Do i know her well enough to know if she is telling me the truth YES

There has been things she has done in the past that i would say is something that i wouldn't want to talk about easy

Why is it people seem to think that everyone masturbates? and if they say no then they must be lying... Im sorry but the people who think thatare just plain dense

Trust me she would love to hear about my times when i started to masturbate,it was just the age thing

We do communicate very well we are open about many things,but she has never asked me do i masturbate so ive never felt the need to bring it up,untill now things are getting much better so now i want to tell her as much as i can

I regret telling a ex of mine because lets say she was a big mouth,but who im with now i trust with my life