Is it just me

Is it just me or does anyone

a. Enjoy walking round after a good masturbation session all wet and sticky 😆 and

b. Get "white noise" in their ears after a really strong orgasm?


a. No! my ocd won't let me stay messy! lol

b. I do blink out, but I always have white noise going on.

Welcome :)

I get B though not white noise i don't think but a different sort of feeling like they go sort of fuzzy really hard to explain

Yeah you could say it was sort of fuzzy. Sure sign of a good time LOL

Only like walking around wet and sticky when it's either:

a) going to the bathroom

b) going to the shower

Never experienced white noise as of yet. I do tend to go into a coma though lol

Not A but my ears definitely go fuzzy after a strong orgasm!

While I'm playing my wetness really turns me on but then as soon as I orgasm that suddenly stops and I feel a need to clean up.

Mmmmmmmm no need to shower straight away xx