Is it weird...

So..i've been with my man for 10 years. We have a healthy sex life & are usually open to talking about what we want / fantasies etc.

I noticed the other day that he has been looking at shemale porn on the net. I found this a bit strange as he is straight. To me, this is 2 guys having sex? Is this quite a normal turn on for straight guys?

For the first time in our relationship i find it difficult to talk to him about something. I dont really know how to bring it up with him as I think he will be embarrassed, and it will lead to a pretty awkward discussion, more for him. I dont necessarily have a problem with this, if it gets him off...each to their own. i enjoy watching lesbian porn but he knows this about me. The fact that he has never brought anything like this up is what concearns me.

So I'm really just wondering if i am reading in to this too much, any comments would be much appreciated :)


My first question would be about his looking. Is it something he has done more than once, or was it just curiosity?

Also, I have never quite agreed with the whole shemale being a man thing. If someone looks female, has breasts etc, I don't see how just one part (admittedly an integral part) can make the whole person a man . . .

That was my initial thought, that he was just curious, but it has been a number of times now.

Thats interesting to hear your thoughts, I supose that makes sense. We both enjoy anal play now & again, so it kind of ties in with that? :-\

I guess so, you get given anal by a woman, but it's more personal/intimate than a strap on . . .

i watch shemale stuff sometimes and enjoy it but i think its mainly the fact that my mind finds it so weard and biologicly wrong that its the sort of shock factor that excites me. one part of my my mind is telling me WTF whilst the oter is seeing the fact that its sex and so is telling me to be excited. i dont really talk to my partner about liking it but im sure he wouldnt be too shocked.

why not ask yor partner if you can watch some porn together (i realy enjoy doing this- its interesting seeing what interests eachother) let him show you what he likes, ask him why he likes it, be a bit childish and play it like a game of truth eg "whats the most unusual. scene that has turned you on..." its always much easier to talk about something in context rather than in isolation.

good luck


thanks rag doll...i like your thinking! It's been a while since we watched porn together, and your right, it would make it easier to bring up the subject.

I guess i'm going to have to suck it up & speak to him about it. Chances are it's all innocent & i'm letting my thoughts run away with me.


I'm a straight male and I enjoy watching shemale porn sometimes. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm not sure why I get off on it, maybe it is the taboo behind it. I enjoy watching videos of shemales fucking girls, not so much men though.

Thanks again for all the comments guys, it has put my mind at rest quite a bit, & I now feel more confident about approaching the subject with him.

I guess the old saying 'dont knock it til you've tried it' comes in to play here! I'll have to watch it looking at it from a different point of view this time... and of course speak to the OH about any concerns I still have.


i've watched shemale porn a couple of times and ive enjoyed it. I think its the exitment of watching something different that gets you off at first but it can be a massive turn on for guys who are curious or bi because it almost the best of both worlds lol

I met some she males in thailand......bit of a strange experience all round lol

I wouldn't worry about it. We all have fantasies and as much as you're in love etc, it's perfectly okay *not* to share everything.

I have things I don't share with my

Oops. mishap with laptop

I wouldn't worry about it. We all have fantasies and as much as you're in love etc, it's perfectly okay *not* to share everything. I have things I don't share with my OH but it's not because I love him any less or that I don't feel comfortable. Just one of those things...