Is orgasm stronger or longer with a condom, or without it?

Is there any difference in the pleasure level or duration of orgasm, when using a condom vs. when not using a condom?

(I don’t intend that anyone should ignore the safety aspect of using a condom. Let us assume that this question is presented in the context of a stable long-term relationship.)


I think the quality of the condom is key. Something like Lelo Hex condoms are fantastic. I think it is the ability to still be able to orgasm with and inside my partner but not have to worry about pregnancy :laughing: that makes the orgasm stronger. But it depends on a lot of different factors. I’ve never thought condoms took away too much pleasure.


Condoms seem to desensitise to some extent and therefore duration increases. Not sure if this is the case for all, even with ultra thin condoms.

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My hubby finds condoms take away a lot of the sensation and he finds climax much harder to achieve and not as enjoyable by far.

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Not sure I’ve ever noticed any difference but then I’ve not had much experience in general

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Can’t stand the things, neither can hubby.
I hate not being able to feel him, and with hubby he says not feeling the sensation of me, he finds harder to reach climax, which leads it to be so flat and unjoyable.
With me, I can’t enjoy it and let myself go and orgasm.
So with us it’s definitely stronger and better orgasms without :yum:


My hubby has some nerve damage and reduced sensitivity wearing them fir him takes away even more feeling and ruins things for him also from my point of view they reduce the feeling fir me too and I don’t have nerve damage I would say if it’s a strong healthy long term relationship and children or what the plan is with regards to them if happened has been discussed and you trust each other I’d say without condoms fir me, if you don’t know the partner well or your only having fun or there’s trust issues I’d say definitely use them the thinner have more feeling and the bobbly ones do for the ladies too

From a womans perspective, I’ve never not used a condom with my partner. The odd time when I’ve been extra slippy and he’s teasing, his penis has slipped inside me a little bit once or twice but he’s then put a condom on straight away.
Different condoms definitely make a difference, the first condoms I used with him were Skins Ultra Thin. They felt nice and thin and I could feel everything and enjoyed it.
Then I discovered that Skins were not Skyns and they were the ones I had meant to get :unamused: Skyns are much nicer, much thinner, they feel softer and he prefers them too.
I can feel the difference when he puts on Skins compared to Skyns, he’ll do that every now and again especially if he’s not using them to orgasm.
So if we have a carving session and he’s inside me to feel my excitement, he’ll use a Skin so as not to waste the Skyn. I bought a 5 pack box of Skins :roll_eyes::rofl:
He prefers the intense feel ones with the bumps, I can’t feel them, I think I’m too wet because lawd that man turns me on :hot_face:

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I find using condoms makes me soft
It doesn’t feel right
Going bare is the best way just play carefully

Reaching orgasm would naturally take longer, but I would like to clarify, are you saying that indeed the orgasm itself lasts longer with a condom?

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I find the orgasm isn’t longer but it’s more powerful for me without a condom I just let go and it feels so good condom I feel restricts me and doesn’t turn me on using one

My Mrs had missed a few pills recently so I got some Skyn condom’s. We’ve been together 13 yrs so they’re not something I’ve worn for a long time.
They obviously take some of the feeling away and it took longer for me to achieve orgasm but I wouldn’t say the orgasm was a lot different to normal.

I’ve never had an issue with condoms. They are the simplest, easiest form of contraception and I can’t feel much difference.
For me, anything that can delay orgasm helps anyhow!
The longer I’m having sex, probably the better orgasm I have at the end, so I guess they make it better in that way?
I honestly think that the biggest sex organ is in the mind, so I’m not sure that there is a definite answer to this question.
My belief is that sexual satisfaction is derived from a different place than ‘with or without a condom’ but that could just be only my opinion! We are all different.
If I have a three hour sex session with my wife, where she wears lingerie, does erotic dances, tells me dirty stories and I massage every inch of her body with expensive, beautiful smelling oil - then rub her from her neck, to her back, to her pussy with vibrating wands - and she has three orgasms before eventually making me come, whilst wearing a condom … that will be better orgasm (for me) than a 5 minute quickie without a condom :grinning: :star_struck: :crazy_face:

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We don’t use them for PIV but my hubby often likes to use them for a wank. He used to use them when he was younger and living with parents to avoid messy cleanup but now says it mainly because he can last longer and gets a stronger orgasm because of this.

I agree. The orgasm isn’t much different for me, but the lack of sensitivity means it takes longer and isn’t no where near as much fun as without.

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I’ve had problems with condoms in the past due to fit and sex always felt uncomfortable with them. These days there’s so much choice of brands and fit and with internet shopping it’s been easier to find a condom that’s right for me.

Of course sex without condoms feels much much better but I don’t think it affects the strength or length of orgasm. It does take a bit longer for me but not the strength or length of orgasm

Orgasm isn’t affected for me itself, the main issue is that pleasant feeling being replaced by a mild sense of panic to withdraw carefully to prevent spillage!

I cannot stand condoms and have virtually never used one my wife hates them too. They take virtually any sensation out of it for the man aand my wife used to compain about not being able to feeel me and sometimes it would make her saw after even with lube.