Is someone missing a trick or have i not looked hard enough?

Hi everyone,hope you're all well?

It's not really advice i'm looking for but someone might be able to set me right anyway!

It occured to me earlier(don't ask,mysterious ways and all that),i'm sure there isn't one of us here who hasn't heard of foot fetishes but i could not think of anything i'd seen on this site or anywhere else that played into that.

I started to search for a foot fetish kit or similar but i found only one,by Lover's Choice and it's not readily available or you pay through the nose for it.

Has anyone else thought the same or are there some of you out there who know where all the good stuff is buried?!

I just found it strange that you don't see a load of this stuff as it's one of the better known and 'everyday' fetishes,i would say?

Sam x

You're right, it's a very popular kink, but Lovehoney already stock many of the things contained within such as massage oils.

Pop it on the Pamper Me thread and LH will take a look :)

Lovehoney have stocked a couple of foot based masturbators in the past but the reviews weren't great. I think they also stocked the kit you mentioned previously.

It seems that they didn't sell too well. Maybe the products aren't the best quality and that's the issue with them? Or maybe a lot of people just prefer to explore their fetish through things like heels, nail polish and foot lotion instead?

I do think there's potential for some products that work with this fetish but I think it's a hard one to get right. A lot of people seem to embarrassed about liking feet so they probably wouldn't want a foot masturbator lying around their house. Something more discreet might sell better?