Is there a card game that is similar to Monogamy?

I've been eyeing up Monogamy for the longest time but I want to have a game that I can bring along on short trips and that box looks huge.

Is there a card game that also focuses more on intimacy and getting to know your partner's likes / dislikes / secret fantasies? I'm looking for something that veers more towards vanilla since I don't want to scare my boyfriend off.

My goal is to get him talking about what he likes and how he likes it. He's pretty quiet about such things and I think a game would be a great platform to coax him into spilling the beans.

I don't see any reason why you can't use the monogamy cards to make up your own game. You can start with just the intimate cards, and as you get more comfortable, you can swap them for just the passionate or the steamy cards, and use the fantasy cards as the prizes. Then you still have the full game for when you are not travelling.

Alternatively, you have this:

This is reviewed fairly highly and is much smaller than Monogamy.

Or you can go even simpler:

I did consider that, but I wasn't too sure how dependent the game was on the board. It's great to know that I can just pack up the cards for travelling!

I think I might start with a simpler game (perhaps Pillow Talk, that name is adorable!) and eventually work our way up to Monogamy. Thanks for your suggestions!