is there enough toys for boys?

Hey guys i was wondering how u feel about the amount of choice we have... its pretty limited either a doll, a masturbator or a basic prostate probe. whats your views and why do you think that it still seems like a taboo to have a toy if your a boy?

Definitely not enough!

One of the best toys I had way back when was a non-doctor. One of the attachments was a flared cup - I have a floppy foreskin that I could roll over the rim of the cup and then leave it resting on my stomach for a pretty good hands-free orgasm. Not seen anything like it since I'm afraid... but I'd love something like it with all of those programmed pulsations.

Maybe I should design a sex toy...

I think women still get all the best sex toys but like HappyCamper said, toys for boys ARE getting better. I'm not sure about the MonkeySpanker though, I think I'd resort to the old fashioned method after five minutes.

The best cock-ring I have ever ever found was a simple elastic strap (like underwear elastic but softer and fluffier) with a velcro tab and a loop to slip in a bullet vibe. I don't know where to find another after I wore it out but the only thing wrong with it was that the bullet could slip out.
I think if I were to suggest a toy for the "design a sex toy" thread it would be one of those with two secure pouches for bullet vibes (in front of and behind the balls), it was very simple but more comfortable and easier tu use than anything else I've tried. Maybe I'll try making my own.

i think the boys have enough toys to play with,i mean they have us women and i,m not saying we are a toys,we dress up for them and walk over them in high boots or shoe,s ,we tie them up & spank them , we give them the best ride they could ever get,we let them use our gadgets and bend over for them,we sit on thier face with our whip in hand ,we have more holes for them to shoot in..what can i say.

No way, you can never have enough toys and besides, women still have all the advantages because there's nothing they can do that's too dirty (well almost nothing):

A woman goes into a bar, walks up to a guy and says "hello darling, come home with me right now and I'll let you chain me to the bed and f*ck me in the ass!" The guy exclaims "OMG yes lets go!"

A man goes into a bar, walks up to a girl and says "hello darling, come home with me right now and I'll let you chain me to the bed and f*ck me in the ass!" The woman exclaims "HELP!! POLICE!!"

I don't know what more would exist than that. Also I don't see the need for much "more" toys as much as better toys. The fleshlight for instance would be so much better if the texture when all the way. I want to see how the reusable Tenga will be.

Happycamper: I think the studstrap looks quite weird, I doubt it works to. And yes, sex and the city must have been what made everyone get a rabbit, or? Personally all I see are girls discussing rabbits, so are toys for girls except a rabbit that regular?

traceyd68: I don't, some boys has.

But some girl on another forum meant that for us boys the hand does all the work, but for a girl sure she can touch the clitoris and insert fingers, but no finger will make her as filled as a real cock. So for filling her up she needs something else. Which is true, not that I know if the hand does everything a real vagina would do ... To begin with where are the breasts? ;D

Another girl couldn't understand at all why a man whould want a glas dildo and would like to use it, the rabbit seemed so much better and she could use it in front of the man she said.. Yeah, that sounds really fun, as if people masturbate for others and not for themself. Of course it's more fun with a toy which requires the man to do something and handle it than some kind of fuckmachine which does all the work alone. Just as a girl probably would prefer to give the man a handjob instead of watching him fuck a fake vagina.