It keeps getting better, learning to listen to trust your body

I'm bored and haven't got the energy for another session so thought I would talk about something I might have touched on before, maybe not will make someone feel better or pick up some tips but anyway...

I have mentioned before that my body seems to need time to process new experiences and new things I get from it, sometimes leading to feeling a little overwhelmed but I have recently noticed that when I go through those stages of not really being bothered or sometimes struggling to orgasm once things get going again I seem to have moved on a stage, orgasms are more intense, easier and just more satisfyimg. If I have a couple of not great sessions or start to struggle to finish I have learnt to take a break for a week or so and at first I thought the change after was just from being pent up but it seems to last and it's not the first time I've noticed this. I'm not using different toys or consciously doing anything different the way.

I'm not sure if there is any reason for any of it and I have no factual basis for why but there does seems to be some kind d of cycle to it, I take it as a sign of my body knowing what it is doing, preparing and processing so I trust my body now, listen to it, go with the flow, not get frustrated and look forward to what 'cums' next.

I wonder if anyone else had experience anything similar, if it continued, became less frequent or stopped alltogether?

Ramble over!

I reckon that I understand what you mean as something similar seems to happen to me. When I'm really horny or stressed out and I need that release that comes from a good orgasm, I reckon I kind of put pressure on my body to get me there and I feel frustrated when this doesn't happen.

Most of the time I do have orgasms, but they are kind of smaller ones and despite being really lovely, I'm always searching for that massive one, which for me is the one I feel like I'm about to pass out and my body just stops, if I wanted, I couldn't carry on. That's because that is the one that gives that post feeling of peace and bliss, it that makes sense. But I've realised that if I try do that every day, it doesn't happen, it's like my body "saves" that for when I've got a break of a day or two.

What works for me is just chill and start a session with the frame of mind that's is my time to relax and indulge myself, without the pressure of getting that big one. When I'm calm enough to switch off the pressures and problems that are worrying me and just go with the flow, my body allos me to have a wonderful time and even I need a break of a few minutes, the big one always come.

I think that trusting and listening to our body is very important not only regarding our sexual health, but in my case also for a fitness thing as I do like to exercise and I've learnt to respect my body and even though I push myself to achieve something I'm more aware at how far can I go, what is a lazyness thing for example or really a sign to slow down a bit.

Hey Amy, I agree with you. Sometimes you can have long heavy sessions a few nights in a row and clit become a bit numb to the sensation. We have dedicated rest days to try and restore our energy, our lust for the pleasure and also allow our body parts to recover and regain their sensitivity. A true example is that first session after shark week (if you don't play during this time) the orgasms are always easier to reach and more intense.

Thank you for your responses. I do get the same thing you are saying about with rest days but this is more sustained than just being pent up, it doesn't go away, like moving up a level. It's like your body figured something out but needed a break to process or work out how to use it, once learnt it doesn't seem to go backwards apart from the odd bad session, Then sooner or later I'll stop wanting it again and when I go back it's moved on a level again! Maybe i'm just weird or I'm not explaining properly, or perhaps my technique is just improving and I don't notice till after a break lol!