Items not removing from the basket?

I'm not sure if this is just me, or what - but I added some things to the basket to purchase, then when I checked my bank account, realised I didn't have the money I needed (thank you eBay for taking your £70 of seller fees.... *grrr* ) so I stopped and removed said items from the basket.

Now every time I log on, there is always something in my basket! I remove it, log out, log back in again - and there it is!!!

Is this a bug? Has anyone else had this?

I've cleared my cache and cookies etc but it still won't go away!

Yep, I've been getting his for a while now :/

This happened to me last year with the Stronic Drei, I just couldn't remove it. Everytime I logged in it was in there teasing me.

In the end it stayed in my basket about 3 weeks before eventually disapperaring.

Lovehoney told me to clear my cookies which I did numerous times to no avail.

Very annoying!

*phew* glad it's not just me then.

I thought my laptop was messing up!! Its been happenin to me for a while too :/ Xx

I tried to place an order either Froday or Saturday and it just wouldn't go through at all. I tried to remove things from my basket and try again but they wouldn't remove. Cleared my cookies and cache and they were still there when I logged back in. Got an email yesterday offering 10% off because I "didn't" check out. Tried again and today, items are still in my basket, and the offers I wanted have now expired. Ultimate insult to injury. I know these things happen, technology sucks! But I'm so so annoyed about it.

Ive just noticed it's the same on my iPad and iPhone, so it's not a browser issue - definitely a site issue.

I have had this problem for months. I tried deleting the cookies but no luck.

It was on my iphone that I was trying it on. Glad it wasn't just me!!

yup same here, basket cleared after a purchase and then one item appeared again!

Happens to me too. Or if I clear my basket of items, then add another thing, some times I have only the original items, sometimes, I'll have every thing in there. And if I log out and in again, or even just close the page and reopen, the original stuff is back in my basket......

c00kies David c00kies :)

Delete them = sorted

I've deleted cookies and cache Subby and it doesn't do a thing. As soon as I log back in its thereeeeee!

Same here, and it's not just desktop - it's the same on the mobile version on iPad/iPhone.

My basket is saying 3 items and when I click it, its empty. on every single device, browser, even those I never used before. I been too lazy to go into cleaning it yet, I know last time I had this problem I had to clean it all and it took me ages to sort it out.

About 20 times cleaning of the main browser, the every single browser I ever used to access the site from etc, took forever to sort. I am too lazy to bother atm

Our basket shows the 2 items that we orded on the weekend.