Jealousy to arousal - with wife

I (30m) am happily married to a wonderful woman (28) for the past 4 years.

I met my wife when she was 21. Coming from a traditional Middle Eastern background, I used to be insecure and jealous about her having slept with a lot of men. She comes from a western background and grew up much more liberal. I always knew that this was my problem and not hers, and worked on myself to accept that as I love her.

Fast forward a few years and I absolutely love the idea that my wife had slept with a lot of men and it fuels our bedroom talk ie she loves it when I call her a slut etc. Also, I realize this is why she always satisfies so well haha

Our sex life is amazing and I could not be happier! I wish I realized how stupid my insecurities were earlier but it’s never too late. I’m so lucky to have a sexual wife.


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Hellooooo, everyone has a past!

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Hello everyone!

Yeah exactly! It’s not just that come to accept it but rather I’ve come to embrace it and enjoy it :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you’re embracing her past now, nobody can change their past whether they want to or not and what’s in the past is never something to be jealous of. Enjoy your sexually experienced wife!

Thank you!

Definitely! I always thought I’d want my wife’s past to be minimal but funny how it turned out to be the opposite lol.

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As others have said, it’s great that you are accepting your wife’s past. I’m all for a progressive society and equality and don’t believe anyone should be ashamed of their sexual history or be shamed by others :+1:

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Hey great first post and yes I can see how you would of felt insecure at the time and so pleased you’ve managed to work on it to turn something into a positive, kudos to you :v::cowboy_hat_face:

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My OH has had a lot more sexual partners than I’ll ever have, was one of the first things she told me about before we became a serious couple. One thing I do is never judge anyone for their past, as that’s what it is, the past. And it also comes in handy when she’s really horny and tells me stories about some of the guys she’s had in the past while fucking my brains out!