Jealousy is probably too storng a word but here goes-

I've been with the boyfriend for three and half months-ish. Love him, he loves me, blah blah blah. But I have one issue-

His ex.

Not so much her, but her stuff. They lived together for two years, so his house naturally has some of her things still in it's loft that will be returned to her in due course once he has time to box it up(she now lives half an hour drive away). That I'm fine with, but he still has articles of her clothes, and her shampoo and razors and that stuff in a box in his bathroom. And I've asked him a few times to throw it out because, well, it looks like the house is waiting for her to come home. But he hasn't yet. They split up seven months ago. Possibly more.

This is weird. I don't want to have to throw them out, but how do I make it really clear that he has to get off his arse and do it?

(ps- I'm not worried about him going back to her, he's reassured me of that. Although she does call him for 'a chat' every nownagain, and text him quite a bit...)

Either she's his EX or she isn't. If she is, then that's it - no contact, no stuff laying around. Put your foot down!

I don't mind the contact so much (I'm still in touch with a few exs, although my one serious ex refuses to talk to me since I had the audacity to fall in love with someone else- the horror lol) it's just her things.

Although, slight break through- he's taken three big bags and a box of her stuff from his loft back to her today. Made sure to throw another hint in about the more obvious stuff.

That's not good. He's clinging on. Tell him - get rid of that or I'm outta here!

Crayola hun, I really wouldn't worry. It has been my experience that men are completely capable of honestly "not seeing" things that don't matter to them. Usually it's dirty socks and pants on the bathroom floor BUT in this case it would seem to me that they've split, she isn't important anymore ergo the crap in the bathroom has become invisible. The fact that he actually got off his arse and removed some of her personal stuff because you don't like it is a good sign that now YOU are the important one.
My advice - chuck out the toiletries, sling the clothes in a bag in the attic and if SHE hasn't mentioned them in another few months feel free to chuck them in the next charity collection.
Don't nag him because he'll just think you're insecure and high maintenance and that could get you dropped quicker than you know.
Good luck x x

Thanks hun thats reasuring actually. Will get chucking next time I go up there :)

OMG this site is magic! Hes only gone and taken the hint! *Dies of shock*