Jingle balls that can't be heard when worn.

Title says it all. Want to multi task tighten the love canal and get my rocks off in the supermarket & at work.

I know the reviews are good personal recommendations are appreciated x

Hi hornyhistorian, you have posted more or less the exact same thread before. Please do not fill the forum with repeat threads. Thanks

Stuburbs I think the last thread was for vibrating love eggs. Jiggle balls are different. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=18124 these are great

Maybe then include in the similar thread.

@young and Fun thank you. X

Hornyhistorian wrote:

@young and Fun thank you. X

No problem, my review isn't very good as I was quite new but the balls are lose inside so jiggle about and feel great, they're the perfect difficulty too, I gave some others that if you stop concentrating they fall out lol

Can others hear them?! Thats my biggest concern if I am honest. I have promised myself a girthy treat so want to tighten up first ;) x

Not at all, I can't hear them even in a silent house

Perfect. Thank you darl x

I have the FSOG silicone Ben Wa balls and I really like them, completely silent too. Nice jiggly motions when you walk around.

Fill me up buttercup I need to do quite a bit more tightening first I fear ;)


These aren't too bad actually :)

Whilst pricy, I definitely recommend the Lelo Luna system - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=12689.

You receive two sets of balls, one to start with and a more advanced set to switch into once more experienced. Both are silent, can be used with or without the silicone holder and produce good results, and orgasms.

I have the Tracey Cox supersex silicone toner balls and would recommend them. They're great for tightening and they're silent but personally I don't find myself getting really aroused just from having them in but hey maybe that's me!

@Ste Really like the look of those. Added to wishlist.

@wildflower I also like the look of tracy cox ones due to shape and the no string bit inbetween the egg/balls.

I do have a toner thing like a hair straightener that you squeeze together with the Pelvic muscles but that requires lying down time. Who has time for that?! Hence the egg/ball quest.

Cheeky I know but do you wear them out and about?!


I often wear mine out and about, makes the day more fun :)

I like the Swoon jiggle balls and Lelo Noir balls most.

Delilah you sound like my type of gal!

I do exercises with them in, you can certainly feel the jiggle then! Have also worn them out shopping.

Oh a gym session with them - I can not tell you what that thoughts done to me! @wildflower

I have wre mine to work , out with friends no one has ever know never heard them clang x