Junior or medium?

Hi all, just want your opinions. I enjoy anal but more the feeling of being full than deep penetration. I've used various toys. The biggest being a Doc Johnson large butt plug. I love the idea of the 3 bangs for your butts. Thing is the junior sound great but the medium sounds even better especial being a bit cheaper atm. Has anyone got some good comparisons of them? I want a challenge &I reckon I could do the juniors first two stages quite easily and have the last being a more of a challenge. Could I take the medium??

I don't have any comparisons, but just picking up on what you said about wanting to feel full, have you considered trying an inflatable butt plug? There are a few around, maybe this would be one to consider?


Just thought you could have fun experimenting and it's a good way of finding out how much you can take, will give you an idea of sizes to buy in future.
Hope this helps :)

Try the Doc Johnson Hung strapon. Its all you will want. I love taking mine

Hi All, just thought I woud put my input on this thread. I too love the full stretched feeling of plugs, but I do have great problems with depth. Inflatable plugs are O.K. but tend to inflate inside the rectum without really stretching the spincher, for me does not give the pleasure I am seaking. Short fat plugs / dildoes are for me. I am working up to Fat Man in A Barrell, slowly. Hope this helps.